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30-08-2013, 15:08:10

"Let me take a step back and talk a little bit more about the rules at Punderdome. A category is assigned for each round and after your 90 seconds, you have three minutes at the mic. Performances are scored by the clapometer, an unscientific measurement of audience response manned (or woman-ed) by a person in a blindfold. Battles mount as the competition takes height, and the best punners trade euphemisms, catechisms, and wow-isms until winner takes all."

I think we should send our CG punsters to the Punderdrome! Maybe that guy named Funkodrome?:bouncmsk::bouncmsk::bouncmsk:

30-08-2013, 15:33:19
I can see why she never got past the first round. Punching above her weight.

30-08-2013, 15:39:25
Clearly her delivery and subject matter was a tad punderous...

30-08-2013, 15:41:33
Back then I was on a kickball team with some coworkers, and during one game this larger guy heckled the hell out of us from the outfield. Luckily, his intimidating demeanor fouled out when he stepped up to the plate. The fool half-tripped, half-bunted (trunted?) into the ball as it came toward him. I yelled out, "his BULK was worse than his BITE!” Pollack smiled slightly in response, but I knew my retort had hit a home run.

That anyone would put that in as an example of one of their best puns ever...

30-08-2013, 15:42:05
Actually, that should be a good thing: 'Punderous' = lots of puns, eliciting punderous applause...?

No, clearly her punchlines left a lot to be desired.

30-08-2013, 15:43:27
That anyone would put that in as an example of one of their best puns ever...

Definitely lacking punch...

30-08-2013, 15:46:43
I made my greatest ever pun the other day on Facebook.

One of my friends had posted the speculation that John Carmack was to leave ID Software. I said.

Was it a Rage quit?

EAT THAT PUNDERDOME! (Got 2 likes and everything)

I've basically given up, I can't beat that one.

30-08-2013, 16:25:16
"Funko: Beyond Punderdome"

It will no doubt be better than the Mel Gibson version. :beer:

30-08-2013, 17:36:43
"Who puns bartertown?!"