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27-08-2013, 12:56:31
Wines from last night's fancy dinner. Had a very nice chat with the sommelier. He did excellent pairings.

Simonet blanc de blanc brut : paired with brie baked in brioche with berries. Nicely dry yet a bit fruity and toasty. About $10

Chateau valmer vouvray : paired with vichyssoise done in a light style.
the wine was dry and full,with a hints of sweet, apple tones, and mineral . About $12

St cosme cotes du rhone : paired with chicken provencal and beef bourguignon . A good standard Cotes du Rhone, hints of raspberry About $12

Avive Natural Peach Sparkling Wine : paired with a fresh local peach crepe. Refreshing dry yet slightly sweet with the tang of wonderful peaches. Gonna buy some of this for the zbrother-in law. About $11

27-08-2013, 13:29:56
OMG one of my favourite things.

Don't tell anyone from France you had beef bourguignon but not with Burgundy. :)

27-08-2013, 13:47:14
Yeah burgundy is what yer supposed to have but an effort was made to keep the wines affordable. I was impressed. :D

27-08-2013, 13:50:39
Yes, that's much better. Lots of bargains in the less famous regions of france.

Really enjoying Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc from Touraine, Anjou Saumur etc. this summer

Yeah, and Vouvray.

27-08-2013, 14:54:58
Was a fun night, would have been even better with you and Tizzy :D

27-08-2013, 15:02:40
Yeah, take Tizzy to a wine and food matching thingy when she can't drink. You are cruel. :D

27-08-2013, 15:44:07
I had to limit myself to just a mouthful of each, my meds say don't drink. The doctor said it was ok to taste, just not guzzle :D

The sommelier liked watching me taste, he knew I was really enjoying and thinking about the wines ;)

14-03-2014, 14:48:52
I was presented a bottle of Famille Perrin Gigondas last night for our anniversary.

Will be hard to just have a mouthfull!!!

C.G.B. Spender
17-04-2014, 19:28:51
You want to live forever or what? Drink that stuff

17-04-2014, 22:56:05
I was presented a bottle of Famille Perrin Gigondas last night for our anniversary.
Will be hard to just have a mouthfull!!!
The Perrin family has made a big investment here in the Central Coast. They own halves in some wineries but even more significantly they openned a nursery for Rhone veriatals. Check out Tablas Creek. :beer:

18-04-2014, 14:43:11
I would be happy to just have Rhone wines, my wallet would disagree however ;)

19-04-2014, 00:33:10
Sadly, Tablas Creek wines are rather pricey too.
A number of years ago my wife and I participated in a vertical tasting of Parrin Rhones and Tablas Creek. They were all good ;).