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01-08-2013, 17:28:55
another psycho-apocalyptic thread, brought by yours truely, coupled with fullfilled chores and some ice cold wine.

I was going to the electrical train station (what preceeded the metro but is still in use).
And I heard someone talking american. I thought who the freck would be speaking that in the middle of crazy town.
Turns out it was by crazy uncle (by relation, not by blood).

I had a major fall out with him some years ago. Why? Because he left my dear auntie destitute. Aka without any money at all. She had money, loads, from her job. What he has is a manic depresisve disorder coupled with screwed up ideals (like that money is so important, it isn't).

He got tanclged up in a scam, some criminals stole all his money that he had stoeln from my auntie.
Auntie still with him though, the precarious self sadism of inappropriate upbringing + false psychotherapy.

When I found out, (that was the SECOND time, he had done that to her) I almost came to blows with him. He left after I started screaming some terrible (but justified) abuse at him and approaching him with the clear intent to HIT (something that I have never done in my life, never needed to).

Today I saw him again, he hadn't seen me. I felt sorry for him. There with his dyed hair, old, talking again about some scheme. I will alert my auntie, again, cause he IS crazy.

But I kind of felt sorry for him. Entangled in his twisted mind.

Let him without sin cast the first stone.
Although if he IS in fact again involved in anything that will hurt my auntie, he's frecked, major time.

01-08-2013, 17:48:17
why would that matter to me?
auntie is my mom's sister.
grandpa died.
only man in the family.

01-08-2013, 18:04:27
oh well


01-08-2013, 18:32:13
the thing is, he is not a bad man. He is insecure, he does suffer from that disease. But really it is his ideals that get him into trouble. Manic deppresants were great painters, great thinkers. But his ideals screwed him.
I was going to say that the US screwed him, and it propably it IS the case. But maybe also his family played a part in this.
There is a chill down my spine how OLD my family gets, even this person... gets throttled down, weak. In this case it is a blessing though.

01-08-2013, 18:38:06
I also remember my grandpa (god rest his fighting/kind soul). He hated that guy. According to him, a man that didn't work, had no worth.
He has left this world though, and he is at peace.