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31-07-2013, 12:10:52

Britons are nearly four times more likely to dislike men wearing red trousers than to like them

Gentlemen be warned. Wearing red trousers will not win you many admirers.

YouGov asked Britons what they thought of men who donned cherry chinos and response was decisive: almost half of people in Britain (46%) say they donít like men wearing red trousers, including 24% of the population who ďdonít like at allĒ red-trousered folk; in comparison, just 12% of Britons think well of the men in red. More than four in ten (43%), however, either donít know or donít care.


31-07-2013, 12:37:29
I'll post this here too.

When you see a man wearing red trousers, what is the first word that comes to mind? (Top 20 Submissions)

120 red
93 gay
44 idiot
37 bright
37 brave
33 yuk
31 odd
31 none
29 twat
27 prat
26 clown
25 no
24 oh
24 bold
23 cool
21 ok
21 loud
20 wow
20 golf
19 nice

Nice to see CG represented!

31-07-2013, 13:35:24
odd gay twat...yep, works!

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31-07-2013, 17:33:00
And to think we haven't been able to achieve world peace....

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31-07-2013, 19:54:19
Since we're all gay twats does that mean we all wear red pants?

31-07-2013, 20:33:21
you do