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28-07-2013, 23:22:51
I go ahead with the plan to install a small house in a scenery that looks exactly into the beach on a nice island.
Today, I went to see the first such field.
There was a castle nearby (built by the lombaridans? who the freck are they I dont know but they are not around anymore that's for sure).

Thhorns, big puncturing thors, bleed from my feet. Mountains. Snakes. And the scenery DEFINITELY didnt look at the sea.
Also to go there, you climb a chasm road.
Anyway, made a lot of jokes about the whole situation.
Not really what I was looking for.
Didn't like the castle either.
Will keep looking.
In a bit more civilized way.

Also on the top of the mountain? There were some houses from stone bult even before the ancients?

The locals call them dragon houses 'cause according to superstition dragons lived there in the days of old.
Unfortunately I didnt have the time to go there and see them.
I also doubt there are for sale.
The more i leave athens the more i love this country.

28-07-2013, 23:29:33
ah mystery solved.
the dragon houses were built by the ancient proto-hellenic tribe of the dryopes. cyclopean constructs built in the megalithic period 5.000 - 3.000 b.c.
(i guess they are definitely not for sale then :o)

28-07-2013, 23:33:31
ah. also the lombardians are nothern italians.

28-07-2013, 23:45:18
and the sea was amazing. my folks are vacationing there and I went to see them to the great joy of my grandma.
got the SO, got the family happy, got plans.
I think I'm preety content. Pretty happy actually.
(of course when man makes plans, god laughs etc etc)