View Full Version : Paiktis in Manchester

19-07-2013, 14:01:38

I looked for a better source than the Daily Fail...couldn't find one.

"Roy West, 48, repeatedly called Bernd Kugow a 'kraut b*****d' during Basil Fawlty-like rants, as well as planting poppies in his back garden and draping a Union Flag over the neighbours' shared shed in Greater Manchester."

20-07-2013, 09:20:51

no.. he has issues, I just joke about it, sometimes drunk.

anyway to the island i went there were tons of frenchies. i had a good time (The SO could have tried to be more financially restrained but OK, OK OK!) and had a blast with the frienchies, I was all the time speaking french :D made some good friends while there.

there were not germans, except i think one, that had a greek flag on his t-shirt. sort of like you know "be cool" :lol: