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12-07-2013, 14:42:06
boat tickets 60 darneuos
hotel 200 euros

but six days holidays :cool::cool::cool::cool:


12-07-2013, 14:55:46
and i'm an idiot for not asking my best mate for his little house on the island but now its too late.
pay stupid paiktis

12-07-2013, 15:08:53
although let's be optimistic about it.

12-07-2013, 15:30:55
now i'm going to listen to this 5 times and drink half a bottle of wine.
ain't no other way this money is leaving my pocket.
it requires great bravery
it may seem little but these times, it's a sum

12-07-2013, 15:59:51
and THAT'S IT.
I got a friend at a bank and she's all oh dont take that loan and no maybe you shouldnt and shit.
I WILL take the loan, I WILL buy that property on that island and I WILL transfer there a mobile house we have and NOONE is using it and it stays looking at the fields.
And I will go there one month and stare at the sea stare at the sand and jump high plunges in the sea and the SO is welcome.
Hell we only have one life and I don't understand this aversion I have to loans.

12-07-2013, 16:02:43
also my folks are welcomed as well, goes without saying

12-07-2013, 16:04:22
what am I a nomad

12-07-2013, 16:09:01
the SO just called and she found a great deal on a beautiful island for half the price....
well ok.
I WIL POSTPONE THE LOAN but only for a little bit.

12-07-2013, 17:57:36
watch out for the jellyfish storm, it's going to be worse than a sharknado

12-07-2013, 18:06:30
yeah i read about it on the bbc :D
It mainly touches peloponese proper I think. Not the cyclades
We were once with the SO at the upper peloponese and there were some jellyfish but they were very sparce and they got hammered by the local populace in no time :D

Cyclades is a whole other world. it's the best there is in greece. I doubt there will be jellyfish there.


12-07-2013, 18:24:07
It's BTW a funny story how we got that mobile house. There was a real house there. My grandpa had bought a field and had built a house. Then the whole family left for the city.
Then that house was left there unattended.
Then a huge earthquake hit attica. The house was empty alright except my grandma was there to do some business.
The house started collapsing all around her!

What did she do?
She calmly walked to the exit door, praying softly, virgin mary protect me.
And she left unscarthed.
Needless to say the whole family was in turmoil because we knew she was there when the earthquake struck.

Then municipality came. They judged the house unhabitable. The roof foundations were screwed.
The municipality demolished it (no real pain 'cause noone lived there) and they brought a mobile home.
Here's a mobile home where noone lives in.
In a field.

Noone goes there anymore. When my grandpa got his retirement he went from time to time and he grew a great garden of vegetables. But he passed away. And so did his garden.
Now there's a mobile house in the middle of a field.

I want to take it and place it on an island where I will buy a small property that looks directly at the sea.

12-07-2013, 18:30:21
Except if my grandma says no.
I completely respect her wishes.