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08-07-2013, 21:40:41
Was returning home from work, took the bus, it's cheaper. Not that I couldn't afford the car but if I see it broken into one more time I'll be dissapointed.

There was a check for tickets. Everyone got either a ticket or a pass except for two consufed africans that automatically took out their seeking asylum papers?
That was not what the inspectors wanted though. They wanted tickets. The blacks had no tickets.
But what the inspectors would do when they got the africans off the bus was to demand a kick back so that they don't charge them the full penalty.

The africans will give it (if they have it) so they will effectively have been robbed by corrupted mafia.
They tried to do it to me once.

I was on the bus I didn't have a ticket. They busted me.
I got off the bus, the mafioso took my ID! I tried to grasp it back and we were almost to blows.

He says we'll go to the police.
I said you're fucking right we will.

We went to the plice station and they BUSTED HIM!
It's illegal to take a hold of someone else's ID and I could press charges if I wanted. :shoot:

Fuck you stinking mafia.

I didn't press charges but I made him shit his pants the little mafioso fucker.
I also paid the penalty but full price and to the legitimate institution, not half of it to him as a kick back.

It's so drepressing.

08-07-2013, 21:54:18
Oh and why he took my ID?
He had the right to ask for my data. He had the right to read them off my ID as I was holding it.
But as soon as I presented it, the little mafioso bastard snatched it from my hand!
Obviously in an attempt to "coerce" me into paying him the kick back.
Darn criminals. Who will protect us from the protectors?
His face expresion was invaluable though when the officer told him that's illegal and I could sue him easily. (I didn't even know it was illegal but his action gave me a bad feeling and what do you know, this bad feeling is legislated and protected)