View Full Version : the amazing ability

06-07-2013, 17:00:26
to turn gold into shit.

Reverse alchemy.

So we went to that nice roof garden bar that's in a hotel that's opposite the acropolis.
There was shit loads of people because it is small but the view is probably unique in the whole world.

Very high up, a bit lower than the acropolis which is lit with descreet lights, the whole of the city at your feet. What can be more romantic.

Except the hillbillies who own this GEM, saw fit (maybe it's what they do at their villages, god it's amazing to whom the money go) to play music (horrible music) super extra loud.

So you're in propably one of the best romamtic locations, enjoying what is certaintly a screwed up glass of whiskey or whatever (if you made the mistake of not getting wine or bottled ber) the view is amazing you're king of the world and you hear all sorts of atrocious barry white covers at inumanly LOUD levels.

I grant them the prize of the shit alchemist.