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30-06-2013, 20:25:14
I was talking to a girl who lets say is rather, well, she is em, representative of some greek people let's just say that.
And she got under fire from some of the established status quo.
Now I do like her because she's crazy and uncompromising. She's not very educated and she DEFINITELY isn't left wing.
Still we talk and she has great admiration for me, which I don't betray regardless that I dont agree with her political orientation. I do agree with her attitude though. I have the same.
It is so hopeful.
We NEED to tear down the established political system.
Once we do, and we'll do it with the left wing as vanguard, there are simply two things that need not be repeated.

1. Political power is for the people. Not for you, not for the onces you know, not for your family, it is for the people. FOR THE PEOPLE. If you don't have this deep in your heart, get the fuck out of politics. Because ANYTHING is justified if you don't.
2. We ERASE the debt. The slum won't kick us out of the euro. It's geopolitics.

But first,
be clear, be clean, stay clean, support the people.
And don't get into politics for PERSONAL GAIN. (for the babes, it's ok)

30-06-2013, 20:54:24
1. annule the memorandum and kick the troika out.
2. Bring a certain huge german firm to the for front. Annule the compromising deal that covered up its bribes and hold it liable thus by effect forbiding it to be able to do business in any EU country.
3. Fuck up and bring back an EU of compromises and not a simple lender-bowrer relation.
4. Judge and CONVICT usurpers of political power that made deals with tax agencies and public sector to promote their friends.
5. Crush tax evasion. You can't be a doctor that states 1.000 euros a month in the tax agancy but has 5 expensive villas and NOONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
6. Realize, the old status quo won't reform. They are the ones that have stole from the greek people all those years. They'll keep protecting their own. They use the flag to promote public works to their "prefered ones". LOCK THEM UP.
7. Protect yourself for "External pressures" on a personal level. Hire cuban bodygaurds, I don't care.
8. Bring to the fore front ALL corporate pressures from german and other firms NOW. CONVICTE AND JAIL THE COLLABORATORS.

Yes, it's a long road ahead. But it was once done before, it can be done again.

30-06-2013, 21:05:48
Cultivate friendly relations with EVERYONE of your neighboors.
They don't like being played as tools by some fuckers any more than you do. Only established politcal elites want that in order to maximize their petty personal interests.
ESPECIALLY with turkey.
And turn your face to your real enemies. The internal politcal elite and those of germany.
Defame them in every turn. Bring to the front all their corruption and bribery.
And STRIDE to southern europe for a much welcomed allies.

30-06-2013, 21:13:30
But I guess all this is already done, they don't need my help :p
Unless if I translate a nice article about the scum that is the finance minister of germany.
In english so everyone will have arrows in their faretra.
Must always have in mind though that every suicide, every one not cared for in a hospital, every elderly that is left with 300 euros pension, everyone of them has a KILLER to hold accountable both domestically and internationally.
and FUCK USA ! (not very applicable in first level reading but always a great motivator since they represent neoliberalism in its most barbarian form along with their kiddie doggies)