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29-05-2002, 13:28:09
Our game on forest seems to have gone missing. When I try to get last results, it tells me that game 16231 doesn't exist. When I try to resend my last orders, it tells me that it is waiting for turn 8 orders, not turn 7. Don't know what got screwed up, but something definitely is. I'll try e-mailing them about it.

30-05-2002, 13:32:35
I played a turn to you last evening

30-05-2002, 15:32:46
Still nothing here. I'll try getting last results again.

24-06-2002, 12:17:47
Bastards. Just got an email informing me of my loss to Posterboy because we ran out of time. The next turn file apparently got lost on its way to me. This would normally be no big deal except that as this was an email challenge, game management options were not available to me. All I was able to do was resend last orders, but the LSN server'd already got those, I couldn't request last results, which is what I needed.

When I e-mailed Codo about it, they basically said, "Wow, sucks to be you."


On a related note, my missing game with Snapcase finally washed up on the shores of cyberspace over the weekend. Don't know where it's been all this time, but it has some nice tattoos to show for the journey. Will clean it up, give it some nourishment and send it on its way this morning. Only six days left. Might be enough to finish.

Posterboy, if you'd like a rematch, let me know.

24-06-2002, 12:58:11
Originally posted by Guy

Posterboy, if you'd like a rematch, let me know.

Rematch? After he whooped your sorry ass. :D ;)

24-06-2002, 14:27:29

26-06-2002, 20:32:03
I tried resending too, I think I got a lucky escape with that one :)

27-06-2002, 15:01:00
Care for another try?