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21-06-2013, 08:47:47
will play here in herodion tomorrow.
I will try to take as many pictures and video as I can. Although not too many so as not to enjoy the music.
There were the front row sits that were 50 euros (please)
i got for 25 euros a sit that is in middle to up amphitheater. But there's no number so if I go there early I could sit very near the middle of the theater. Accoustics is great wherever you sit but the nearer the better view one would have.
a night to remember :cool:

26-06-2013, 18:54:35
I went to see it and nearly everyone I know went to see the show.
It was nice with lots of twists.
I had to see her once before she died.
But standing there in the herodion, this cant be covered with her or with noone like her.
Even though the amphitheater was not even built by ancient greeks (but the badly copycat romans) it did possess something of a vast cultural swirling abyss of mental wonders, the such that can not be covered with those sort of acts.

Maybe an opera or a classical music,
certaintly by greek music or greek plays but with THAT?
no. too little.
the place swallowed her
Still glad to have seen her :)