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12-06-2013, 16:13:53
PM decided to cut off on air all public stations :lol: (bye bye threeparty gov)

so no bbc and deutsche welle.

fortunately i'm left with the best of the three the french tv5 which is not tied down to public television but broadcasts independtetly.
I predict a sepctacular amelioration of my french soon :D

12-06-2013, 16:19:53
Probably to stop you hearing all the news that counteracts their propoganda.

12-06-2013, 16:21:39
Nah. It was done to get out all the people the leftish gov. installed so that the rightist gov can install their own.

13-06-2013, 13:15:47
I went to the demosntations :D
That was the first time i went to a demonstration in alooooong time!
It was great. I saw my friends, there were banners of most left wing parties from the hardcore anarchists to the main left wing.
There was a lot of people.
the PM is simpyl continuing to serve interests. I hope he falls as fast as possible.
The only time a public signal is cut off middle air is if there is a junta or a foreign occupation.
the PM is a dangerous crazed far right winger.
I agree that there needs to be a reform to the public station but if they cant do it by any other manner than cutting off the signal in mid air, they're incapable.
Meanwhile the association of journalists has called a 24 hour strike on ALL media so that we can screw up the private channel owners who actually just use their channels to lobby the gov (like they need it) so that they get public works contracts. since onwers of private chanels also have companies that do work for the state.
it sint a junta, but its pretty close.
love the hardcore resistance of the assosiation of the journalists

and nice frontpage

18-06-2013, 18:31:33

another nail to the coffin of the troika and their domestic collabrators :D