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09-06-2013, 23:09:28
can't sleep and have stopped drinking so i'll write!
Went with the SO at some lounge by the beach party thing. I don't particularly like them, I'd prefer something else with a more rocking/punk vibe but she had invitations so ok.
The party was ok.
That reminded me of another party we went, also with invitation.
That was ultra rich. There was a subterenean mini train taking us to a super luxurious hotel that had a huge beautiful balcony extending all the way to the see. So it was like you were at one with the night sky and the sea with underwater rocks being cleverly lit up with hidden lights etc

and waiters were passing by with fancy cocteils and sushi which were tasty.
Then we were returning with the car and I was thinking how unacceptable it is to be such huge differences.
In some neighborhoods elderly people are being beaten up so that the thieves can steal their golden crosses from their necks and sell them. And in other places there are balconies that extend all the way to the sea and people drink cocteils and eat sushi and wear armani shirts.

09-06-2013, 23:13:19
And I was thinking that the biggest collapses of democracy are in countries were the gap between rich and poor is so huge, like in the UK. ANd the most democratic are where the gap is so small, like Sweden.
And walking in my neighborhood I came across a graffiti which said "national is the consciousness of murderers" (my neighborhood has a strong base of anarchhists and fascists).

Then we were talking with the SO and she said that men from the city center (like me) are smoked (which means hardened. like gun poweder smoked?) whereas people from the suburbs, you can smell the soap in them (aka they're sort of pansies).

However, when I walk the streets I see that there is a minority of educated people in my neighborhood. WHo among them have even finished universty? Certaintly not that poor black guy searching in the trash can.

Or in the rich suburbs? Most are meat merchants or other silly stuff.

OTOH I like how my neighborhood is also filled with poets and writers.

10-06-2013, 00:06:18
and here I thought you were going to tell us you were baked not drunk this time!