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07-06-2013, 18:15:19
i feel like the fly in the milk (aka very discernible or distinguished)
at work i'm surrounded by a bunch of self serving, slightly feeble minded, nausiatenely conservative, severly insecure people.
the drama is that they are of relatively young age.
i know it could be worse, i could be surrounded by golden dawn followers, so i guess it's ok but the udnerlining philosophy is not so far off.

it's amazing that the country is half destroyed and they still clinc to the old system. (that doesnt aleviate in the slightest the self serving disastrous troika's presence)

it's nausiating though to see those old minds in young people.

on a side note i was invited to a new scheme of syndicalism.
I had nothing to do so I went.

The original goal was ok. It was deemed that the old system is suffering and we should make something new. The hilarious aspect of that is that that new scheme has absolutely no goals!!! no political standing. is it left wing? is it right wing?
plus elections are coming up and they dont even have a position on about anything.

still i hope that they go well. personally i cant participate in this and rightly or wrongly I always felt that it's better to strive through your work than through syndicalism, not saying that i dont always have supported the progressive parties.

there;s no question that old school syndicalism is rotten to the core but you can't make something new without some basic ideological basis.
this all free tralala position stinks too much of neoliberalism BS to me. I'd rather stick with people that are not afraid to punch the knife with their fist as they say.
They're crazy but daring