View Full Version : Fantasy Premier League Final Standings

Walrus Feeder
25-05-2013, 12:29:22
Excuse my inability to format the table correctly but here's the final standings from Fantasy Premier League 2012/13.



1 NOW YOU SEE ME Philip Gunns 2,157
2 Garbage Bale Kids Matt Sinclair 2,015
3 Da BoyZ Mr Shakey 1,973
4 CR Belmont Craig Reeves 1,960
5 Short Twilight Elks Iain Lindley 1,942
6 Unholy 19666 Mike Heff 1,923
7 nothemeither not youeither 1,896
8 Free fallers Fistandantilus 1,830
9 Beta Blockers Richard Evans 1,793
10 Vermillion Sands Michael Matthews 1,762
11 Three Wayne Rooneys Resource Consumer1,445

Quite happy with 2nd place myself. Going to be a long summer.

25-05-2013, 17:35:03
considering I barely logged on after September I'm surprised I was only 300 off the lead.

I blame the kids...

29-05-2013, 13:20:43
A celebratory :brwncard: seems appropriate.

I had far and away my best ever fp season, with about 200 more points than I have ever got before, and overall roughly in the top 1%, so pretty happy all round. Finished 2nd in the two other mega leagues (25+ players) I was in, including to my boss in our work league, so this was a nice consolation.

29-05-2013, 15:09:07
Congratulations :beer:

30-05-2013, 06:54:39
Finished 2nd in the two other mega leagues (25+ players) I was in [...] so this was a nice consolation.

Nothing as beating a bunch of gay twats for a Loser to get his consolation