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21-05-2013, 14:24:27
There is a small lump in my mother's throat at the thyroid glance.

Medicine science dictates that when such a small ozidion/lump passes 1 cm in diameter a biopsy is required.
I escorted my beloved mother there and FUCKING GOD YOU KNOW I DO THE BEST I CAN SO CHILL AND DON'T YOU DARE
that's all

21-05-2013, 14:40:39
Endocrinologist said that it "fired up" after 2008. But it is very slowly evolving. But she wanted to be sure
The lump didn't recede when the biopsy was contacted, that's positive. If it receded it is a negative deveolpmennt. It didn't, so it's positive.
Final conclusions in a week. I though, motherfuckers you should have them out tomorrow but apparently it's not up to them. The exam NEEDS that much time. They can't force it to go faster.
If it was the primeminister would it go faster? Because if it would I'll fucking burry you all.

Anyway, calm. One week wait.

Meanwhile fuck the whole world.

21-05-2013, 16:10:49
Best wishes for your mother.

21-05-2013, 16:23:29
Thank you.
I wish it is nothing because she has been a tough soldier all her life and she doesn't deserve any more pain.
I know exactly the next steps that are in order if something bad is presented but I wish it is nothing.
I find it hard to grasp this one week rule though.
Anyway I made her laugh throughout the waiting for the exam. We had fun.
I'm sure it is nothing, probabilities maybe point to that. But one week.

21-05-2013, 17:09:55
cheers mate, hope everything will be ok

21-05-2013, 17:55:30
Dank u mr G :)
I feel a little numb and easily "triggered" this week but with god's will it will pass with a positive outcome :)

21-05-2013, 18:59:15
I hope all goes well.

21-05-2013, 20:11:32
the waiting is hard and sucky isn't it.
take some nice greek wine so annoying Greek

21-05-2013, 21:55:36
Oerdin, thank you :)

Mr G, ok I have had some ;) It;s the middle of the week, that won't affect anything.


Although I won't be condemned of hybris, I bow before God :)

27-05-2013, 14:35:36
Ok the results were out.
The ozidion/lump is belevolent :)

Thank you for your good wishes.

And thank you god. (or as grandma, as always grandiosly exclaimed "glory to god" :D)

It's funny they have a bazilion tons of mumbo jumbo and then on the bottom of the page "ozidion non malevolent"

THey rip your heart out untill they say it :D

All good. I do feel a wild joy :D

27-05-2013, 20:57:05
Glad to hear everything is ok

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28-05-2013, 21:30:40
cheers annoying Greek

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29-05-2013, 07:35:09
Great news. :beer: