View Full Version : Fast & Furious 6

Walrus Feeder
20-05-2013, 20:52:41
I thought 5 was surprisingly good but this one seems to pander to the need to make another film to cash in on the popularity. Same familiar characters but horribly directed with naff dialogue and unoriginal quips. Letty, who was assumed to have died in Fast & Furious 4 makes a re-appearance so the story features how that unfolds and leaves the action to entertain along.

The London setting didn't feel right in this film and all the Londoners portrayed were annoyingly stereotypical posh ponces or cockneys that the Americans must think they are. Quite a pleasant cameo by Rita Ora though.

As you can imagine big, bustling finale with lots of ridiculous chaotic fighting but enjoyable enough if you've seen the previous films.