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09-05-2013, 00:28:59
I was watching so many things after the boston bombing.

Alex jones with that fairy from britain. and it dawned on me. america is not europe. america is north/south america.
guns craze and all that. it is definitely not europe. it is paralel to venezuela.
and how much its power has diminished.
USA it's not even a plimp on the radar.

and about islam. i always held that silam is christianity plus 1000 more conservative. and plenty of people wont accept the "free-spirit" of christianity.

they will turn muslim. and they'll be "white" (what an amusing concept)

so yeah

regtrets for boston, obviously

09-05-2013, 00:50:55

yeah lol

btw do you know there are old greek scriputrers that say russians will liberate constantinople? (yeah 1000 years old)

what can you do

09-05-2013, 00:54:27
hate to say it but muricans supported al qeda and chechen muslims even when they killed 700 russian school children.


09-05-2013, 01:00:48
and russians carpetbombed chechneya
(have to be fair, sorry russian brothers)