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08-05-2013, 19:19:18
by christos chiolkas.

blah blha blah and


the novel makes me sick to my stomach.

because it ecapsulates the lowlest of the low of both cultures. the richness crazed phallocratic rural immigrant greek and the semi crazed feminist nazi anorgasmic english woman.

Now mix them up.

The end result is sickening no?

08-05-2013, 19:23:23
i wouldnt move to australia even if there was a nuclear holocaust.

whats there to do with a beautiful house if you're surrounded by this haze.

i'd go to america, they are far more close to greek (or any other culture for that matter) than that shit hole.

love to austrlia, just how this novel made me feel

08-05-2013, 19:59:58
havent finished it though yet.
maybe it gets better in the end but i doubt it.
it already painted an irevocable picture of waste

08-05-2013, 20:56:10
chiolkas is a writer though. He has seething talent. my revulsion to his story is testament to that, but he's lost. to the blood, to the country, trying to grasp at corn straws, they are never enough. a miserable state
still best of luck and thanks for the punch in the stomach

08-05-2013, 23:57:54
although i've been so rough to australia
let's see what she has done for us
not bad :D

09-05-2013, 00:02:34
and the all times australian favorite that made all the clubs shake

09-05-2013, 00:18:10
and for the more romantic souls (and my favorite)

11-05-2013, 22:16:21
finished it.
ok it's fucked up. everybody there was fucked up.
it's not a problem because most people are. the problem is that these people were too fucked up.
ended up skipping through the electronic text at the last chapter and finally finished it.
last one by that writer that i'd ever read.
phew. over.
it's not for me when someone takes his godgiven shining talent and paints images so vomit inducing. the world is grim as it is.

in a way it reminded me of nuits fauves, even if that was even more hardcore. but at least it wasnt set on middle-class bafoon suburbia setting, so it made sense. in the slap all those people belonged somewhere else. they were there by accident, that's why everyone reeked of discordia