View Full Version : The Overlord's mistake

15-04-2013, 16:31:21

If you run Windows 7, last Tuesdays update is breaking some pcs...mine even burped a bit. Microsoft recommends removal of the update. Details in link.
Yeah I know, all you nerds already know but think of poor Lurkie!

16-04-2013, 07:56:40
Does it affect Windows 3.11? If not Lurkie should be ok

16-04-2013, 19:03:05
Nope, zpapa's XP is safe, too!

The Mad Monk
24-04-2013, 17:10:31
My Windows 98, too!

25-04-2013, 09:45:59
Yay for old tech!

Poison Arrow Frog
25-04-2013, 12:05:35
Win 7 seems to be working well for me still.

The Mad Monk
26-04-2013, 18:34:52
Win7 won't load MoOII. I tried.

Then I cried. :cry:

09-07-2013, 22:18:13
Yeah, I bought the GoG.com version and tried that as well, there's some kind of mouse control problem. Usually locks up on the main menu screen, too.

The Mad Monk
14-08-2013, 16:16:46
I got the original MoOII disks to work using DosBox.

DosBox is tiny.

21-08-2013, 18:47:58
i looked and there are 158 updates. i'm not going to search though all of them. if PC crashes then I have it and i'll know.