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08-03-2013, 16:33:52
My little passport is full. I have amongst others the full episodes of a plethora of famous series.
These don't need to be on the portable so I'm burning them to dvds.
It's going to be a long time.
There's nothing to do meanwhile (I've already cooked. macaroni screws with tuna fish/garlic/thymari(?) sauce. Simple and delicious)

SO as the the tons of Gigabytes are tranfered I was thinking about the gold mines.

There is ample gold in nothern greece mixed with copper.

Even alexander the great knew it and he excavated it(not himself, I pressume others did).

And this has been going on and on and on.

Estimated value of today's gold is around 13 billion euros. That's a shitload of money if I may say so myself.

The sold out corrupt gov, instead of gradially exploring it itself and respecting the environment, it decided to sold the quarries(?) the whole place (hunders of square meters) to a foreign company, some canadian one.

The terms were almost colonial like.

Suffice to say, for a whole forest the company paid 1 euro!!!!!!!

Now, with modern technology the excavation can proceed with huge efficiency.

But here's the deal.
If it is done quicly and too deeply the surrounding environment will be screwed.


08-03-2013, 16:43:23
That didnt matter for the corrput gov and its cronies it seems. They probably took kicbacks from the company and managed to get it to employ their "own boys" in the company (thus getting them a job).

So the whole scenery was set, wasnt it?

A huge, terribly profit producing territory in the hands of some foreign dick, the environment ready to get wasted (it's in one of the most beautiful sceneries of greece - and that's compared to the rest of greece - it's quite beautiful).

All set.

Ready set go, right?


Here comes .... the people!!!! There are people living there, villages and small towns.
And there is SYRIZA ( i have come to respect the radical left wing quite a bit ON SOME ISSUES)

08-03-2013, 16:48:04
what do the people do?

first, they find a guy who has huge knowledge of the matter.
second they appeal to every single institution there is in the greek state.

They have momentary success.

The corrupt gov. overuns most decisions.

WHat do they do next?

They hold MASSIVE protests.

The gov responds with crack downs on the verge (and even not so) of democratic legitimacy.

Huge crackdowns on villages for freck's shake.

Next move of the people:

They FRECKING BURN the excavating machines!!!! (at night, like black ops mission)

Now the terrorist squad of the state is involved.

They summon 16 year old girls for questioning for FFS!!!

The backlash from the local communities is TERRIBLE!
they go as one hoilding even more massive demonstrations.
They barricade their villages against police!!!

Can i risk a prediction?

WIth SYRIZA and the PEOPLE (of all parties) this so called "investment" which is actually theft and utter destruction of the environment

IS not going to happen.

Now cheers corporate goons. :beer:

08-03-2013, 17:29:06
here's a small snapshot of the beach of that territory

08-03-2013, 17:30:19
and here are the "terrorists"
(school girls from the adjacent villages demonstrating amongst others against the theft and destruction)

(sometimes this country makes me smile)