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21-02-2013, 21:49:38
many were said abou the ancients.

most are bull.
democracy (yeah sell little flags in texas) .
last a little bit. only men. no women or slaves

science, ok that was progressed


yes from phoenicians.

all that is bull.

not bull, but secondary.

No, what the ancients really did (no to envy of any dutchie wannabe) was the ATOM.

The atom.

must explain for the barbs.

atoms = the one - the self.

yeah. persia was a mass.
all other barb "nations" were a mass

only greeks were based on the ATOM. THE SELF.

And the SELF doesnt need laws.

dont need society,

in a way we are still going strong

21-02-2013, 21:58:00
the most prevalent repsresentatives, were (in my opnion) oedipus and achilles.
oedipus didnt give a rats ass about hybris. (he paid though)
and achilles was for HIMSELF too.

I'd say theseus too but he had sort of a pact with his father to display the white sails after returning from the minotaur.

he forgot.

A true greek by mistake.. SELF by mistake

21-02-2013, 22:03:12
the true greek is SELF.

he has transcended laws.

that is why he is the furthest from a barb german.
he can never be a mindless sheep following a shepherd.

No hitlers in greece.

One. Self. No laws.

21-02-2013, 22:07:48
the whole WORD can be classified by this criterion.

sheep: germans, austrian, finish, dutch, coatian whatever trash

SELF: greeks, russians, serbs, french (by mistake like theseus), english (gay not applicable) , americans, mixed whatever

21-02-2013, 23:22:52
(not that this is all encompassing.
for example dyl IS an atom and laz is not)

it's just wide brush strikes.
not all encompasing in any rate