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15-02-2013, 21:04:22
it's not about farting it's about actual natural gas.
we have it in our building and it's quite cheap.

but all the cheapos here dont want it because they say its expensive.

to make matters worse the one responsible for the maintanance of the building allegendly ate up around 25.000 euros from natural gas contracts (made the building pay twice for natural gas bills).

so everyone is pissed off at him.

they even came to me and said that.
i said cool let's hire outside logistics guy to check it out and meanwhile somebody take maintanance off of him.

they all said yeaaa lets do that

and nobody did it!!!!

end result.

no heating (as is with almost all buildings in greece because to make matters worse aour magnificent gov equalied tax between moving and heating petroleum to squash false account of the former. lolol now heating oil is too expensive and everyone is cold).

but that doesnt need to be that way here, we have natural gas installed ffs.
electricity bills will be as much and the heating is nowhere near the quality of natural gas central heating.

stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopid people