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08-02-2013, 22:25:18
you take nice chicken breasts (without the????skin???).

put them in the casarol and ????shot them up??? heat them up

put mint, thyme, rosemary, cinammon stick, dry rose pins, daphne leaves, mixed pepper.

swirl them around in the casarol with the chicken breasts for 3 4 minutes.

put it off with half a glass of white wine and squeeze a lemon..
swirl twirl mix

add water , around 3 cups

20 - 30 minutes.

take off fire

swirl a teaspoon of corn flower in very little water (2/3ds cup of greek coffee)

apply it in the casarol. GENTLY move around casarol.

put it on fire again 5 minutes, let it take one more boil.


and result


08-02-2013, 22:31:33
remove thyme rosemary and dry rose pins and use very very little cinammon

08-02-2013, 23:02:06
The french way would be to stick the cloves ( what I think are your "dried rose pins") in an onion or big chunk of onion and fish it out at the end.

08-02-2013, 23:24:14
What was that, Beatle Babys?:bash:

09-02-2013, 11:37:33
quite good arent they :D

yep i googled it at the google images, they are indeed cloves.
nice trick that with the onions and cloves, will try it sometime.

also mom told me that cloves should always be added afterwards not when you heat up (shot up?) the rest of condiments with the food.

oh well i'll know.
also i hyper marinated the chicken it seems.

i put quadruple the amount of condements it needed.
my first attempt at creating something a little bit more sophisticated.
will get the hang of it :D

Cheshire Cat
11-02-2013, 08:51:07
Daphne leaves.

maybe you should convince her to stay, and let Rosemary leave instead

11-02-2013, 13:24:49
Daphne leaf I think we call bay leaf and "shot up" I think you mean saute. We borrowed saute from the French like many of our cooking terms ;)

11-02-2013, 15:00:16
thank you
I can talk political science in english but not cooking.
it's what you learn really :D

11-02-2013, 15:03:25
"saute" we call "sotarisma" (which is really a greekified french term :D. i'm sure there's some obscure greek word for it but I dont know it :D)