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31-01-2013, 04:28:47
Ok, that's a stupid thread title for this forum.

I'm curious, though, is this a game changer or just another "so what, we've always known that".


Cheshire Cat
31-01-2013, 07:30:28

Cheshire Cat
31-01-2013, 07:31:29
or were you referring to this?

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: January 31, 2013

An earlier version of this article misstated the year that the United States and Israel were said to have started a cyber attack that caused damage at Iran’s main nuclear enrichment plant, and the article misstated the specific type of attack. The attack was a computer worm, not a virus, and it started around 2008, not 2012.

malicious misstatements, fer sure!

Dyl Ulenspiegel
31-01-2013, 07:52:30
So far the greatest internet/communication/etc sniffer is the US. China is just catching up.

Just think of the crucial information to be gained:

"But months later, the chamber discovered that Internet-connected devices — a thermostat in one of its corporate apartments and a printer in its offices — were still communicating with computers in China."

Thermostat espionage, wow.

31-01-2013, 16:47:53

And here I always thought it was the missus turning down the damn thermostat.

31-01-2013, 16:52:51
Aww poor Lurkie, never knew you were a delicate hothouse flower!

31-01-2013, 17:03:41
Apparently I am.

Seriously, though, who the hell keeps a thermostat at 62?

31-01-2013, 17:54:04
Me at night. :D

Dyl Ulenspiegel
31-01-2013, 18:44:54
The Chinese using Celsius, obviously.

31-01-2013, 19:22:19
The Chinese using Celsius, obviously.
Can't see the thermostat because of the smog. :gasmaske_rolleyes:

31-01-2013, 21:46:14
Didn't they pretty much have total access/control over NASA's computers a couple years ago?

31-01-2013, 22:13:58
washing machines had a greater impact on the course of humanity than the internet does so no problem i think (untill they control the washing)