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25-01-2013, 16:15:43

"Electronics giant Panasonic is showing off its ambitious attempt to slow global warming – with a plant-like machine that uses light to scrub CO2 from the atmosphere.

The Japanese biz's Artificial Photosynthesis System, which turns the greenhouse gas into organic material, differs from other attempts to mimic the behaviour of vegetation thanks to its ability to efficiently convert carbon dioxide."

“Currently, the main substance produced is formic acid, but in the future, we'd like to produce even more useful substances, such as hydrocarbons or alcohol.”

The plan is to stick these machines in the vicinity of factories and power plants to absorb the waste carbon dioxide and turn it into ethanol.

Get boozing Glowies!

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25-01-2013, 17:10:06
You know me, whatever it takes to help...

25-01-2013, 17:10:19
There is plenty for all, so share with the snails! :beer:

25-01-2013, 17:23:00
My snails do like a nice beer!:beer:

25-01-2013, 17:44:51
I may have to go shopping tonight, for the planet.