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23-01-2013, 17:09:15
you take a steak of cow
you dress it in olive oil. grind pepper with the special thingy on it.
then origano.
mix it up.

place on the grill (like a pan with lines?)

on it, turn left and right

chop patatoes, in the pan then with olive oil.

take a large plate.

chop tomatoes, grind pepper and origano on them
take the patatos off the fire, place them on a kicthen paper (dries off the oil, makes them crispy)

put them on a plate, spray them with paprika.

take the stake off fire, add some more oreganno.

then chop tomatoes fresh from crete or naxos

chop an onion and just spray it around.

olives from kalamata and Capparaceae

and it's heaaaven :cool:

Dyl Ulenspiegel
23-01-2013, 20:00:46
Does no one think of the pants?

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24-01-2013, 00:09:57
medium rarely