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19-01-2013, 00:32:14
(ok now i have drunk a few beers)

i was thinking.
an immediate plan to leave this hellhole is to rent my house and be off to the (SO DESPISED) northern suburbs.
although, maybe i will go to a semi-suburb that is not really a suburb but is not overwhelmed by 3rd world pimps, brothels, nazis, anti-nazi psychopaths and all that jazz.

it is certaintly viable and it is almost IMMEDIATE.

i must sell the car though. i couldnt afford a car and living in a nice neighborhood for now at least.

and my appartment.... i really really really hate it but i will have to rent it to no greek people.

but there are a dozens of them who are good people and family men.

if a pimp comes to rent it, even if he gives me a bazilion of money, NO THANKS PIMPY

a nice foreign family with kids. why not. i support those people. as long as they have a stable job (more or less) because i'll be using the rent money to pay my rent.

(frucking capitalism, anyway)

yep. i did a lot of search and i have concluded.

but it feels... wrong to.. abandon your home

19-01-2013, 00:34:21
and i will become a run of the mill middle class moron.
no more of that raw hatred fulled by the rampant criminality no more of that i'm special and i can be as much of a prick as i want....


peace, serenity... no crime...

tough choice.

19-01-2013, 00:44:00
and there is a third choice.

i sell it extra low price (so it's sold like that) and i buy extra low price a penthouse in a not so good neighborhood but it is the appartment up from where my folks live.

it is top of the building, completely quite, no other apprtment next to it, complete autonomy, great view of athens....

but it is one room less than the appartment i have now.

gah, and im panicking a bit because the owner of the adjacent appartment has decided to sell it and god knows what hellhounds from the abyss pit are going to buy it.
foreigners for sure.
if it is a nice foreign family no problem. if they're scum.... well at least i'll have the whole building on my side.

sweet little jesus if only the penthouse had one more room then i'd buy it in a milisecond.

i dont like diminishing my heritage property. i'd like to augment it or if thats not possible to keep it stable.

do i make any sense?