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14-01-2013, 11:03:05


Not quite lethal enough though.

I had a mouse problem at a house I lived in, and while that worked, it tended to kill via suffocation, so you would hear (or see evidence) of the mouse thrashing around for a bit before it died.

On the other hand, no bloody messes.

You want a mouse trap to be so touchy, you can barely set it down, otherwise the mice will just eat your bait, and these do work, but I found I preferred the traditional design (the brand with the big red V, Victor, I think), just as twitchy, but most of the time, all you hear is the trap going off, no sign of further action by the mouse, which is humane enough for me (yeah, I know, not really the case, as for live traps, $25 each, you need to dump the mouse at lease 3 miles away, and I've caught as many as 4 mice in one trap in one night, not practical for me).

Looks cool though...

14-01-2013, 12:52:12
Can you put a beer on it? Could trap Venom that way!

14-01-2013, 12:59:42
I don't think it's big enough for him to fit in.