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11-01-2013, 22:35:51
the fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists.



WInston churchill, the english leader with the killer oneliners

nowhere is that more apparent than in athens right now,

so called "leftists" bomb indimidate and harass people that live in the center of athens. they dont live in the center, they come from other neighborhoods that dont have the problems of the cetner.

for the first time of my life i feel a sudden urge to politisize myself against those so called "left wing" FASCISTS.

but it can cause me to be beaten up, indimidated etc

but fascism will no go away on its own you have to crush it.

im at a dilema. but im finding people, sources to stop the degredation of our neighborhoods and the left wing fascism of death.

i feel very right in that course.

will i have the guts to be more active?
i dont know

11-01-2013, 22:37:47
and because fascim has a name, it is the second largest party in greece right now. google it and you'll find it