View Full Version : Silver Lining Playbook

27-11-2012, 22:19:07
Pretty good actually...


27-11-2012, 23:31:10
Is it actually funny or just romantic comedy funny?

28-11-2012, 15:56:00
Mostly the former, thankfully...

14-03-2013, 20:27:42
the former yes.
i found it to be mediocre but amonsgt the mediocracy that is this year cinema, it was ok.

minor spoiler:

the guy goes to a mental hospital cause his wife cheated on him.

we made some jokes with a friend, that's american cinema/values for you.

if it was a french movie, the protagonist would just order some camaber cheese, pour some wine and invite 3 of his neighbors :D

really american movies are VERY family oriented.
security, family values
(not that it's bad, i like it - altough a bit restricive sometimes, especially when it comes to art).

but yes ok film.