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Walrus Feeder
29-10-2012, 00:23:49
8/10 Return to form for Bond in strong film i thought. It impresses without the seemingly cherished but passe gadgets, scantily glad women, innuendo and wisecracks and for once features a story that doesn't involve Bond preventing WW3 from the hands of some madman.

Plenty of good action sequences and suspenseful drama but a film that makes an obvious point of stressing the age and condition of Bond himself together with Judy Dench's 'M' and putting into question the traditional methods of M16 themselves in dealing with threats of terrorism and cybercrime in today's world.

29-10-2012, 14:01:36
No scantily clad women?


29-10-2012, 14:38:55
No Pussy Galore?

02-11-2012, 00:15:14
specialists say it is one of the best bond films ever made but i can't bring myself to watch it.
the actor makes me laugh instictively. that's not a good attribute for an agent.
it's the ears, mainly.

plus no boobies flying in all directions?

no movie theater for me.

05-11-2012, 17:05:05
Not to mention the fact that half the time he runs like a chicken flapping its wings!

It was very impressive on many levels and did a good job of introducing back stories and characters - remember technically we are still at the beginning of the Bond reboot...

Daniel Craig definitely looked old in this one, can't be more than another one or two Bonds left in him, max.

The problem with the film though, is that the more I think about it, the more I'm beginning to dislike it, as too many of the scenes were contrived/implausible/unrealistic. Yes, I know it's Bond, but ffs are the British security forces really that inept...!?

6/10 and falling...