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12-10-2012, 23:51:24
i was taking the metro (fuck germans) to go see a theater play ('cause that's the kind of cultured guy i am plus i had a coupon) and there was a swarthy person (well more swarthy than the average greek - obvisouly immigrant not that the fascists dont attack germans and english snowflakes - in the case of the latter maybe they mistake them for romanians/albanians) and all of the suden there enters a group of young criminals, wearing t-shirts with something saying about freeing the enslaved mothercountries (turkey i'd imagine)
they yell and scream and start banging the metro walls.

they approach the swarthy guy (before the fucking germans there was real security in the metro-not now) and demand to see his ID to check if he is leggaly there.

some conclusions to this very ugly sight i had the misfortune to witness:

these young boys are young criminals, delinguents?

they are completely used. there is no relation between a sincere national feeling and the kind of bullying these guys did.
they were completely gone.
they were COWARDS.
10 people against one.... please....
they were footbal hooligans and now immigrant hunting is the new fashion.

i still dont feel bad about telling fuck you asshole stop peeing here to a fucking foreigner who peed in the pavement on my way to the metro, but that's something entereily different to what i witnessed.


12-10-2012, 23:54:18
the answer to everything is: education.

12-10-2012, 23:57:25
on the bright side, the play was very interesting (despite being based on an english written play so : perverted sexuality) and there was nudity and dancing, plus the actors picked me and my girlfriend during a dance scene to dance with them.
that was cool :)
I did an abba thing, excited the masses

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
13-10-2012, 20:36:48
Somebody get this man a blog, stat!

Poison Arrow Frog
14-10-2012, 16:39:39

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