View Full Version : Google Redirect Rootkit

27-09-2012, 19:47:58
A winner is me!

On my work computer, so they'll just reimage like they do for all problems. Probably even a good idea this time.

They don't have popup/banner blocking on IE8. This is why we can't have nice things.

28-09-2012, 11:27:29
IE8? :eek:

28-09-2012, 13:04:43
it's the most recently "approved" browser at my agency :lol:

19-12-2012, 14:18:24
Ours is IE7.

Luckily I have admin rights.

19-12-2012, 14:36:42
I used to. Occasionally the muckety-mucks crack down and our techs will revoke my privileges, until the next time it's more convenient for them to just give it back than to fix something themselves.

Pretty sure I got it from following a link in a work email, which opens them into IE. Otherwise I'd have been using whichever Firefox they've approved, with adblockers, and probably not got it.

The only way to get the safer browser is to request it. Awesome.