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19-09-2012, 17:10:24
I predict athens will flare up like a christmass carol.
Fires everywhere, social riots, violence and maybe an intrusion to the parliement building.

I really hope it will not come to this, but I think now, it is finished.

There would have to be a vast withdrawl of measures to keep democracy safe.

Listen to this:

initial salary 1600 euros (with projection to 1800 within one year)
first cut back: 1300 euros
second: 1100 euros
third: 900 euros
fourth: 800 euros
fifth: minus 1.000 euros bonuses.

End toll, final paycheck: 800 euros. (from over 1600/month+1000/year euros bonus)



inital taxes: tax returns 300 euros per avergae a year
first tax spike: tax return: flat
second tax spike: tax demand (you have to pay the tax agency): 600 euros

extra tax: 1 year + 180 euros
second year: +180 euros + 230 euros

Wage decrease: from 1600/month+1000/year to 800/month
Tax increase: 1500 euros a year...

and this is the happy scenario because one has a job!
no wonder 10 people on average commit suicide PER DAY, according to media.

19-09-2012, 17:12:08
26/9 is the first national strike on both public and private sector after many months.

past unemployment: 9%. current unemployment: 24% (52% on young people). 2013 projection: 34%.... general scale.
Recession (last two years to now) over -25%.
Do i hear a thunder from the back: screw the free world?

19-09-2012, 22:46:44
That's my birthday. :mr_b: