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17-09-2012, 11:18:00
Picked this up late last night for 8 bucks. Billed as a spaceship adventure roguelike. I played the tutorial and forced myself to go to bed.

Looks simple and fantastic.

Edit: and I see Penny Arcade was way ahead on this, but I guess it's their job to be nerdier


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17-09-2012, 14:23:43
First impression, if their game is anything like their web site, then it sucks.

17-09-2012, 20:15:12
first impression is wrong then. Have logged over 8 hours since release. Totally hooked.

Almost completed it on easy last night - hammered the flagship then got surprised when it jumped out and took my crack away team with it. It then switched to a full on drone boarding attack and flattened me. Had I got my away team off quicker I could have beaten it easily but didn't have the firepower to beat it without a boarding action and didn't have the shielding to go toe to toe for long enough for my depleted crew to take out its drone control centre - In hindsight I should have ignored the drones and gone after the weapons or shields...

MDA - managed to get many ships yet? Have unlocked the engi one but I'm concentrating on the second layout for the kestrel.

18-09-2012, 03:56:33
I've unlocked the engi torus and just now the rockman bulwark.

Failed on my third Easy attempt because I thought the flagship needed to jump to the fed base, not just near it. I pushed ahead, then was forced back to repair, then advanced and waited for it to come to me... doh, endgame message

I had some excellent mantis soldiers in the second game, then blew an enemy ship up with them still aboard. :(

18-09-2012, 18:42:47
Got the achievement for all 6 races on the ship at once. Just need one more to unlock the alternate kestrel. Forum says it has 4 burst lasers as a start point. If it can power that it should be pretty lethal.

Got a glaive beam on my current run (just heading to the flagship). Can do damage even through 2 shields... Can just about power a burst 2, a burst 1 and the glaive. With the cloak my first hit is pretty lethal - can often disable 2 separate subsystems. Am planning to go after the missile launchers on the flag ship with my mantis boarding party and try to take down the shields with a missile shot. Follow that up with the bursts and the glaive to carve up as many subsystems as possible. Then repeat (but try not to lose my away team this time...)

19-09-2012, 01:37:51
I just got it, pretty much just by dumb luck I got the six races unlocked.

enough power for all four lasers and it has a four man crew

I just discovered how glorious beam weapons can be against ships with busier layouts. So many compartments to slash through!

21-09-2012, 01:20:31
I got to the third phase on easy. Two burst 3, a glaive, and a 3 damage missile. Ridiculously lucky drops. One more crewman to repel boarders/repair and I think I'd have had it.

21-09-2012, 09:38:31
got it last week, very nice indeed
I play on easy though, which I normally never do, but this game is punishingly hard...
I got twice to the very last fight with the flagship, and lost twice!
I must suck though, because I have only two ships unlocked

I heartily recommend it

22-09-2012, 22:23:06
First win, on easy.

Torus A, ion beam 1 and 2, breach bomb (lovely), beam drone, ship attack drone, defense drone 2, fast reload aug, and that lovely shipwide healing that the ship comes with, I boarded with 2 mantis to take out the missile launcher in the first phase, focused ions on the shields in all phases, letting the drones do the hard work. Breach bombed critical systems whenever possible (mostly drone control)

Now I have a fed cruiser!

24-09-2012, 08:49:58
ther replay value is pretty good
I'll probably play it until X-COM comes out (I'm wetting my pants for this one)

30-09-2012, 15:49:24

unlocked the zoltan ship and the fed cruiser in one successful run. The alternate osprey is really good - you just keep swapping the basic lasers up for bursts or heavies and it can cut through the flagship. I had 3 burst 2s and a bomb teleporter and the drone level was easy.

05-10-2012, 01:33:56
New X-Com AND Dishonored, released on the same day... :bounce:

22-01-2013, 12:10:45
Just picked up this one, is it just me or it's hard as hell? :mad:

22-01-2013, 12:41:39
It's hard. Working as intended. :p

22-01-2013, 17:22:22
I think I may go down to the easy level due to frustration :mad:

22-01-2013, 17:28:02
It's kind of a tribute to roguelikes. I don't think I've ever actually won one of those.

Easy is winnable about (up to?) half the time.

23-01-2013, 17:57:55
I finally made it but had to play on easy.

Made it with the stealth ship type A, it's amazing how different ships encourage different approaches. Managed to reach sector 5 without shields at all and using the starting weapons; dual lasers and mini beams are devastating if you time the attacks and cloak well.

The rebel flagship is a bitch but once you know what to expect is doable.

Awesome game, really. I'll have to try winning on normal at some point.

24-03-2013, 05:08:26
First victory.

I twice got to the final boss, but got destroyed on the second one. First ship was Zoltan1, there I think the problem was not enough manpower (and maybe evade?). Second ship was Kestrel, my offense was 3xburst laser 2 + hermes... really every strong. And I had full evade. However, my drones were maybe not too strong and I had no way to heal my hull...

Neither try I had a cloak.

My victory was with the Slug1. I had had a hard time previously with the slug1, but this time despite almost running out of gas and going down to 2 crew I managed to start building up a potent ship. Some of it was due to finding a lot of weapons (I got a glave and a halbadard this way, as well as 2 battle drones and 2 hull drones... ). I bought a blaster 3?, and ended up finding some good crew (rockman, 3 engineers, 1 mantis). I also used the space a lot.

Final setup was maxed cloak and maxed evade (3 shield like usual). I also had high in the 'extras' (3x doors/oxygen, 2x pilot/med). Glave, Halbadard, Breach, Ion3. First drone set was 2 Battle drones. Next 2 battles I put in a hull drone. It was wonderful to be able to heal during battle. With the frequent use of space and the 3xdoors I didn't have so much trouble with invasions. The 3xcloak was very powerful too (I also bought stealth weapons in the stage8 store).

Anyways, very fun. Stil have a lot of ships to find.


25-03-2013, 00:40:21
Had a Rock ship with XStal stasis and green/red to go but green was just a civilian sector.

Ended up with defense drone, hull drone, fire bomb, 2 starting missiles, and glaive beam. Not even max evade.

Still had an awesome defense, wasn't even stressing, but didn't focus enough or something on the missiling and ran out without taking out the shields permanently on the 2nd form... so had to commit suicide.

It is really nice to send in the boarding drone because they seem to always hit and do some good damage... or having lasers/ions to take out the shields (which don't run out of ammo).


25-03-2013, 12:18:58
The thing I liked the most is the different feel (and gameplay) different ships have; from the shieldless cloak ship to the boarding one or the life killing slug one and so on. It kinda loses in the later stages as they all blend together once you have a lot of equip but it's still lots of fun.

25-03-2013, 13:16:02
You get forced directions due to what you find in shops/etc too.

I should have probably embraced the droids more fully with my Rock ship, because it was stopping only at defensive which probably left me with not enough oomph to win (I could have defended forever... basically... I think).


29-04-2013, 02:22:01
Still can't unlock anything but 2 normal, 2 engi, and 2 artillery beam ships. I may have unlocked a rock ship on my home account. I can win on easy 4/5 games, I guess. Mostly I lose easy when I screw up, or with very early bad luck. Normal... not so much.