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14-09-2012, 15:56:57
I got this and i'll say it's a good dlc. the new weapon, crossbow, is fun.
the vampires are fun.
the story is fun.

but it is too short, especially if you're used to the vastness of skyrim

coming to think about it, they can probably just keep making dlcs because the system is so enjoyable.

a question, i never had ctds. (or stds for that matter)
however i upgraded my cpu and cranked up the resolution,
now i do have ctds...

so basically if you do experience them, maybe you could try lowering down the resolution????

it pisses me off though that you need to do that whereas it is obvious that your system can handle it.

sounds like programming error

13-11-2012, 20:44:26
more goodies :D