View Full Version : LSN - Map "Juanita" v.0.5 BETA

25-05-2002, 16:15:06
I've finished the first version of my first LSN map.

"Juanita" is a leafy, suburban slice of tranquility, with a main road lined with cafés and a small road leading to a small area of suburban housing, with a hardcourt football pitch, a tree-lined parkway and three houses with accompanying gardens. Tranquility, that is, until your GIANT ROBOT MOSTERS tear it appart.

What do I need to change on this to make it better?

(Please rename the .txt .zip. I can't attach zip files.)

25-05-2002, 16:53:57
You could explain what MOSTERS are :p

Am I going to have to download LSN?

25-05-2002, 17:16:07
MOSTERS is "Aunt's" in Swedish.

The Shaker
25-05-2002, 17:47:59
looks nice, but you could do with more than one exit from each deployment area.

25-05-2002, 22:10:09
I might put in "back garden gates"...

26-05-2002, 18:36:00

How do we play on this? Just both of us have the map and send a challenge?

26-05-2002, 20:06:13
No idea. I expect so.

26-05-2002, 20:07:24
I'll add "garden gates" to it, but not right now. I'm working on "Arena Floor", a small, more tactical map set in a stadium.