View Full Version : Shortage sparks panic in Cork

31-07-2012, 22:29:08

Oh noes male thong shortage!!!

"A cheeky bid to break a body-painting world record led to panic buying in Cork yesterday after the cityís clothes stores sold out of menís thongs.
More than 600 daring participants will strip down this morning at Corkís Camden Palace Hotel and have their bodies painted in a bid to break a five-year record, set in the US.

Adjudicators from Guinness have issued strict instructions that those taking part remove all clothes except their underwear, before paint is applied to every part of their bodies.

But organisers faced a mini-crisis yesterday after a last-minute surge of applicants led to a rush on the cityís dwindling supply of thongs. "

01-08-2012, 21:11:35
My ex-brother-in-law is from Cork. I do not want to think of him in a thong.

20-08-2012, 23:54:19
talk to our health minister