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11-07-2012, 20:05:51
cant sleep so i'll write a small story

everything eventually comes to an end.
walking the streets he could see the relentless degredation augmenting day by day.

people looking though garbage, people who weren't even supposed to be here.
dangerous drunks, gym enhanced tattooed fascists.

a bleak cement horizon where the gray of the decaying buildings' roofs tauntily merged with a beautiful blue sky, a remainder of how much things had gone wrong when they could have been heaven.

but this city has been abandoned to the decay. sometimes the only thing that kept him going was a premordial feeling of self preservation.

the fear of walking in such a dangerous environment where a roberry could happen at every minute kept him on the edge.

this fear was motivating.

cockroaches seezling on the cement pavement and people looking into garbage cans.

a manifesto of misery, a rainbow of abandonment.

where did he fit in all of this.

glimmers of hope sparkle shine and then are squashed again into black like a firefly buzzing around between you and a summer cinema's screen.

impossible to hold it in your hand and retain it, that means killing it.
so he just copes, gets along, scraps an existence of those flickering hope fireflies, always around the corner, always shortlived.