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09-07-2012, 14:07:43
A long-established firm which makes fryers for fish and chip shops has made the biggest cooker in its history.
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Rumney-based Preston & Thomas has been going for 99 years, and bosses were delighted when they were asked to provide a huge new fish frying range for a restaurant in Falkirk.

Where ranges in most fish and chip shops have two or three frying pans, the one ordered by the Benny T’s restaurant in Laurieston, Falkirk has eight pans, meaning that up to 240 portions of chips can be prepared every seven minutes.

Simon Preston, the sales director of the Cardiff firm, and grandson of the company’s co-founder, said they were thrilled to secure the deal, which is worth £100,000.

“Scotland is one of our key markets, but this is the biggest shop in Scotland and our competitors were knocking on the door,” he said.

“For a traditional company like us to win that deal from them is a real feather in our cap.

“We are the oldest company making fish and chip ranges. The business was started by my grandfather and my business partner’s grandfather in 1913.

“We had been quite quiet lately, as everybody has, so this was a big boost.”

Mr Preston said none of the 32 employees at the firm could remember working on anything so big.

“The range is nine metres long and has taken up most of our factory. It’s a huge piece of equipment and bigger than anything that we have done before,” he said.

“I spoke to my father and he said that we did one in Butlins Skegness that was previously the biggest, but this is the biggest that we’ve made in almost 100 years and it’s quite an achievement to get this order.”

The fryer has now been transported up to Scotland where it will take three days to install, starting today.

While the Falkirk order is the biggest to date, it is by no means the most distant installation of one of Preston & Thomas’ ranges. They have provided fryers to South Africa, Australia, America, the Middle East, Spain and Portugal.

“Anywhere you have ex-pats they seem to want fish and chips,” said Mr Preston.

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...and a deep fried Mars bar to go, please...:D

Provost Harrison
09-07-2012, 21:31:28
What a disgusting, cholesterol-ridden race.