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05-07-2012, 17:44:24
4X space game I picked off of steam yesterday.

Initial impression - overly complex for a game, so I love it, I'm buried in information and still have no idea how to use it

From what I can see, there are multiple paths to victory, some race-specific?

There's the usual tech trees, with race specific techs, colonies produce food/money/research/labor, there's a civvy "happiness" to manage, colonization options are tech dependent, combat is somewhat simplified to a three phase "card comparison" battle, ship design is important for attack/defense strength, but a battle can be tilted by beating your enemy at the somewhat random card game, tech can unlock new cards, there are rare resources on some planets essential for some ship/planetary tech, there are leaders that can be used on fleets or systems, each planet can have an "exploitation" to boost food/money/research/labor (also tech unlockable), there's diplomacy and trade, auto-governors...

Probably missing a lot. Has the potential to either be really fun, or be really Moo3 broken as a result of too many interacting factors/too much to micromanage (could still be fun and broken). Way too early for me to tell as I just got a couple of colonies settled and fought a few pirates before quitting for the night.

06-07-2012, 07:59:23
I've been burned with MoO3 so much I'm seriously wishing this could be awesome and fill in the void, would appreciate more feedback when you played it a bit more :)

06-07-2012, 12:02:02
Metacritic reviews seem to be very favorable.

06-07-2012, 12:34:14
Things I learned:

You must declare war before invading an enemy's sphere of influence. Otherwise your ships just won't move. The default "Cold war" is not enough. :bash: I kept researching better engine techs hoping to be able to reach places I couldn't move to attack. I just needed to declare war.

Related to the first, you can invade "outposts", which are just low pop colonies that haven't developed enough to have any sphere of influence yet. I also suspect you can blunder into unexplored systems that turn out to be fully developed colonies, and engage in combat, but the actual option to invade the planets is not active in a cold war scenario.

Trade is automatic with empires connected to yours if you are at peace with them.

Money improvements to star systems are extremely dependent on tax rates, system population, and the types of planet colonized(?). It's easy to actually lose money on maintenance of the improvement in a low tax/low pop situation.

Heroes/Leaders are ridiculously good and important. There appears to be a hard limit of three. The better they are, the higher their wages.

When designing ships, you can add offensive, defensive, and support modules. What was not immediately apparent was that there are many more support modules than can be displayed in the little design window. Scrolling down reveals things like repair modules and engine upgrades. :lol:

You don't need to build transports!!! There are "invasion" support modules in ship design that can speed it up, however. It can take many turns to invade, which just involves sitting some ships in system with the "invade" option turned on.

You can drag population in-system to different planets instead of building a colony ship.

Still not entirely sure I like the card game influenced autocombat. Combat is supposed to be highly slanted toward small ships and beam weapons, but I've done fine with a mix of missile and beam ships.

About 4 hours of play time and still haven't had a proper war, because I'm dumb. :)

08-07-2012, 22:31:04
Won my first game yesterday. Then got steamrolled the very next game (I'm 1 for 4!). AI isn't too bright, but it does produce LOTS of ships (AI production bonuses on normal difficulty?) and can overwhelm you easily if you aren't paying attention. If their opinion of you starts dropping, expect trouble and prepare for it.

Pirates suck. I think there's a way to turn them off, though.

The lack of real tactical combat bothers me, but it's pretty solid everywhere else. Hero cards do add something to the ship combat, I'll concede that much.

09-07-2012, 22:45:46
I want to play it. But the combat just sounds boring. Every review I've read has mentioned it in a negative light and I just can't quite get myself to pull the trigger on the purchase.

10-07-2012, 02:06:06
I keep getting impatient with it and wishing I could speed it up (or wish I had just hit the autoresolve button). I could give a damn about the pretty lights and explosions. The problem is, autoresolve is not smart if you have hero cards to play. One solution is to only take flat bonus upgrades when your hero levels up, I guess. Shiip combat needs balanced anyway. Beam weapons rule, because kinetics are inaccurate at long range, and missles are too bulky compared to beams, despite their long range effectiveness.

It's not a must-play game. Just... good enough. I rate it one MOBIUS unit.