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22-06-2012, 21:50:10
I was going to work characteristically late as always and having heavily drunk last night (I should watch that btw).

A person from african descent at his mid 20s I'd say, comes to me and asks me if i speak english.

i say yes?

he stumbles on his words. i have no time to waste so i ask him flat out, what do you want?

he composes himself, he seems to have his hand hurt. there's a bandage and the color of a fliud you put when you are injured.

he says that he was hit by fascists...

now I am like dong? what?

not that i didnt believe him

anyway, we talked a bit, he almost cried, i felt very bad and helped him psychologically.

i felt sad and angry at the same time.

this happened at a neighborhood that is a bastion of fascists apparently.

it was my first time ever coming face to face with racist violence and the feeling you get is posivitely tht of rage/sadness and if this is done in your country shame

22-06-2012, 22:12:49
I didnt understand all of what he was saying but apparently he tried to go to a hospital and they didnt accept him, or they asked him for a 5 euro note (used to be free but now with the memorandum it isnt)

but they gave him some antibiotics?

also he sawed me that his lower teeth were moving. they were moving.

i dont think he wanted something from me, just to talk with someone.
what happened next was a bit surreal

he said thank you, and i stumbled on my words, i wanted to say i'm enraged and probably I said something like that: i said: this makes me very angry and i kind of lost touch with reality i must have had a very enraged look on my face, and he said something like thank you DONT WORRY i like you, meaning the greek people.

i hope he fairs well.
i still think maybe i could have done more but he seemed very grateful and i felt very ashamed.

10-07-2012, 20:08:28

on a rather funny and dissapointing turn of events....

today that same very guy came to me and said the exact same thing (probably he didnt recognize me)

and asked me for money....
something that he had done now that i think about it the very first time i saw him...

oh well.
scams, schemes and exoscenes