View Full Version : Deus Ex Human Revolution

23-05-2012, 20:33:48
It is a very good game in an old vintage sort of way. To sound boring: they don't make games like these any more.
Really stylish a bit of a silly conspiracy story but very well executed.

Intelligent game in that it makes you think of multiple alternatives to reach each goal.

Has some minor drowbacks, like it is not easy to orient yourself in the cities. OTOH it doesn't grab you by the arm and direct you.

Plus it can be played very well on a simple old dual core. Keeps the upgrading need away for a while.


23-05-2012, 20:38:01
I was disappointed you apparently have to kill bosses and can't finish the game in pure stealth mode :(

23-05-2012, 21:41:47
yep, I'm pretty sure you can't bypass bosses. They are pretty easy though (except the first one imo). The boss fights were outsourced to external developpers apparently.
Still it is pretty epic to finish the game without killing anyone (except the bosses), must be really challenging to do.
I've now started the missing link DLC although real life unimportancies have distracted me for a little while. It looks to be more of the same (which is good)