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22-05-2012, 13:28:52

2K Games and Firaxis

One can only hope for demonic boils of mindworms.

22-05-2012, 13:52:12
With day 1 DLC and always on DRM I'm sure.

The game industry is rapidly turning into a bunch of dick eaters.

22-05-2012, 14:30:43
They've gone all Disney on us.

Maybe they'll bring back the SMAC color palette for alien bases.

23-05-2012, 13:30:59
let's not be picky about this; a big budget turn-based strategy game! yay! we niche strategy gamers are not dead yet!

23-05-2012, 13:51:14
It was kind of funny. Before this game was announced, 2K implied they thought otherwise:


23-05-2012, 14:13:05
I believe the release has been delayed.

23-05-2012, 14:18:42

What is the world coming to.

23-05-2012, 14:47:44
usually a bad sign when they know 5 months before.

23-05-2012, 16:54:09
Release date was revealed as Oct. 9 yesterday.

Maybe it was Xenonauts (another clone-type XCOM) that got delayed?

23-05-2012, 18:48:46
Ah. It's apparently the X-COM first person shooter being delayed.

11-10-2012, 16:41:35
Anyone got it? I was planning to do but I've been sucked heavily into Bloodbowl again..

11-10-2012, 16:53:23
It's getting good reviews.

I think Maroule and Beta were both planning on it. I'll probably get around to it after my Dishonored buzz wears off.

11-10-2012, 19:48:24
I've got it pre-ordered, unlocks tomorrow - but I wont get any time till sat at the earliest.

I did get a free copy of Civ V for preordering it.

12-10-2012, 07:52:27
Don't bother playing CivV, it's shit.

12-10-2012, 10:29:42
civ5 is not shit, it's certainly easier and more strreamlined than civ4, but there's a lot that works... I quite liked the religion aspect they added

anyway, back to xcom, It should be downloading now from steam, hopefully I'll have a few hours to test it this WE... quite excited about it... apparently the multiplayer will be fun, if anybody wants to test it

12-10-2012, 10:34:55
Funko spends too much time on Poly, sadface.

Me wants xcom review.

12-10-2012, 13:05:46
I have started 2 games of Civ V.

I've never been motivated to finish either of them. Utterly boring. All the techs and civics are basically the same and all boring. The units are all basically the same and boring.

The combat is interesting initially, but soon gets annoying and too much micromanagement.

None of the choices you have to make are fun.

12-10-2012, 14:25:49
It's just too easy to get the AI to toss its army into your meat grinding ranged units.

I go back and play once in awhile just to break things, so in a sense it's fun.

12-10-2012, 14:53:00
I have started 2 games of Civ V.

I've never been motivated to finish either of them. Utterly boring. All the techs and civics are basically the same and all boring. The units are all basically the same and boring.

The combat is interesting initially, but soon gets annoying and too much micromanagement.

None of the choices you have to make are fun.

This thread is about x-com and you failed to provide me a review.
I never said anything about your liking or not CiV, just that you spend too much time on poly - FACT

I'm disappointed :mad:

12-10-2012, 16:09:41
I was responding to maroule, just too lazy to quote.

Here's an Xcom review: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-10-08-xcom-enemy-unknown-review_3

13-10-2012, 17:57:54
I downloaded the Xcom demo from Steam.

It looks amazingly good. Just bought the game, downloading now.

13-10-2012, 18:31:44
You know what I like about it? That it's the proper, standard price for a game.

13-10-2012, 18:37:20
so far so good but seems easy compared to the original.

Of course by that I mean I played the first proper mission (not the tutorial one but the next one) and only 3/4 of my squad got killed.

Actually not losing my entire squad every time probably makes it better. Havn't had time to get into the world map bit yet.

13-10-2012, 21:00:13
You know what I like about it? That it's the proper, standard price for a game.


13-10-2012, 23:40:50
I downloaded the Xcom demo from Steam.

It looks amazingly good. Just bought the game, downloading now.

Such a Firaxis fanboy :rolleyes:

14-10-2012, 17:21:49
so far so good but seems easy compared to the original.

Of course by that I mean I played the first proper mission (not the tutorial one but the next one) and only 3/4 of my squad got killed.

Actually not losing my entire squad every time probably makes it better. Havn't had time to get into the world map bit yet.

The rescue the girl one? I lost 3 on that. Playing on normal.

Getting the hang of it now, but I never played the original. I have not prioritised sattelites, like an idiot.

So yeah, genuinely enjoying it.

14-10-2012, 21:56:28
still not suffering true x-com level casualties. although there have still been a few deaths that could have only been avoided with some sort of psychic ability. In the original you would frequently meet a new alien that was effectively un-killable without researching something totally random, so this is an improvement

Annoyingly difficult to get the camera to go up and stay up so snipers can get up ladders. Also very hard to predict what will happen when you encounter an alien, whether your guy will be allowed to finish his turn, whether overwatchers will fire. Whats the difference between a reaction shot and an overwatch? Has anyone actually used a pistol? Why does using a nanoweave layer prevent me carrying a medkit? Lots of rather odd things...

Have discovered the joy of the rocket launcher. Makes those groups of 3+ sectoids easy.
Just got laser rifles but havn't deployed them yet.

15-10-2012, 07:33:55
Yeah, my sniper has multiple pistol kills.

With the weapons that can't move and fire, heavy and sniper, you can still do a single move into cover and then go into overwatch or shoot with the pistol. I chose the sniper upgrade that gave her +2 pistol damage, makes it very effective.

15-10-2012, 07:39:28
got it friday, sunk about 8 hours into it... oh joy... but holy fuck batman, that's tough... I had lost the habit of losing... obviously I had forgotten about how punishing the first one was (and even more so terror from the deep)...

started the first game on classic/ironman, and cried like a little girl...
started then on classic, and I keep crying... I never have enough money to do anything... it's the second month now, a few big countries have already left me, don't have enough money for sattelites and when I do, I don't have enough money for uplinks... which obviously means I don't have money to buy new weapons, and still fight mutons with slings... so yeah, I die quite a bit... so after 2 months only (which means little funds) I'm almost down and out.. I'll see how long I last...

Beta, if you're playing on PC, the mouse wheel down makes the camera go up and stay up / no problem for snipers (with the right elevation bonus, they get to be the best unit at first, for me at least)...

annoyingly, I had a french soldier once, and he got killed in the very first second of the very first battle... even more annoyingly, my best soldier is Australian... obviously the game is bugged

also, the proof the game is good; I want to smash my computer everytime these little bastard thin men kill my soldiers and do their ridiculous victory snake danse... rhaaaaaaaa

15-10-2012, 07:40:27
I have got one support trooper who has a laser rifle and the new carapace armour. She's the medic, and a captain. I don't know how you get anywhere in this game without having massively upgraded troops.

After the initial one of each upgrade the next 3 were all assault class.

All but one is now dead... I guess that might be why.

15-10-2012, 07:43:35
Maroule have you been selling stuff on the grey market? It seems the only way to stay solvent. I've done 2 months, finally managed to get enough engineers to build a satellite uplink and I've got 2 new satellites coming in 20 days (phew) and just completed the big end of section set piece (lost 2/6).

Researching stuff way way faster than I can build or buy it - think I went too heavy on scientists early. Before I realised what you needed them for I had 19 scientists to 7 engineers. Doh.

15-10-2012, 07:52:29
I am selling stuff, but probably not enough, I need to micromanage more what I need to keep versus what I can afford not to have

is the support class interesting? I tend to ignore them for heavies and snipers

how do you get engineers, apart from winning them on missions? any way to hire some? I have only 5...

15-10-2012, 08:01:52
Haven't found a way to hire some. You can get them from missions, some of the countries you put satellites in give you rewards of engineers every month, I think that's basically it. I got the last 4 I needed doing a favour where I gave some equipment to a country that asked for it, even though I had to sell a ton of stuff to do it.

The support class is superb, one upgrade means they can use 3 medikits, smoke has saved my ass a few times and they get some bonuses to overwatch too I think.

I normally have my sniper, a heavy and 1/2 support and 1/2 assault. I don't like having too many people who can't move and shoot their primary weapon.

But then I haven't got a second sniper or heavy yet so I don't have an option there.

15-10-2012, 08:05:42
hum, nice

heavies and snipers at 3rd bonus (i think) can move and shoot (with a penalty)

15-10-2012, 08:10:17
Ah yeah - I took squadsight for my sniper instead of snapshot so she doesn't have to see who she's shooting - and keep her hidden well back.

Hence her pistol use.

15-10-2012, 08:27:11
Apparently Normal that I'm playing on is much easier than Classic - so maybe that's the difference.

15-10-2012, 08:59:02
yes apparently there is a marked difference between the 2 levels
I hope I will stay strong and accept to get my ass handed on a plate on classic, and not whimp out... but not so sure... I'm a middle aged, balding, liberal European after all...

15-10-2012, 09:28:42
Normal was the recommended level, so that's what I went with. :)

15-10-2012, 09:33:43
oh absolutely... *cough*whimp*cough*

it nails the comparison pretty well for me

15-10-2012, 09:33:45
Good tips here:


So building workshops gives you engineers as well.

15-10-2012, 09:36:50
I think I might be prepared to replay on classic - now I know the basics of what I'm doing.

Starting on a level harder than what I started on, without knowing the basics I think I'd be in as much shit as you! :)

15-10-2012, 12:09:08
yeah, the tips are not bad...

did anyone of you heard about Xenonauts? (just found out about it)

15-10-2012, 12:14:25
actually, the more I think about it, the more I feel I'm going to restart on Normal, but ironman mode... I've been cheating quite a bit with restarts on missions where I fuck up, so ironman should provide a more immersive experience (and classic/ironman is just too bloody punishing on the first full campaign)

15-10-2012, 12:18:59
There's a lot to learn. I'm just getting to terms with the basics of the combat

15-10-2012, 12:44:29
Just telling Venom about this on MSN and thought it was worth mentioning here:

I have a guy who's missed about 70% of the missions, the guy from the first level? Anyway on the second mission he'd leveled up as a heavy weapons guy

We're still semi in tutorial mode

The game suggests I rocket these two aliens who are hiding in a house.

So I fire at the house

What I don't realise is that if the target thing shows red, it means there's an obstruction in the way

So actually he blows up this pile of boxes his mate is standing behind - kills his mate and injures himself - out for 17 days.

The first of 3 critical injuries for that guy.

15-10-2012, 13:12:40
Were they cardboard boxes? What kind of a rocket explodes on cardboard boxes?

15-10-2012, 13:13:06
I don't know what kind of boxes they were, they weren't there any more.

15-10-2012, 14:03:16
I think you've convinced to buy this. I may buy it even earlier than intended.

15-10-2012, 14:18:00
Some advice I just read suggested always starting again in non tutorial mode once you've done the tutorial.

I've gone further than that but still think I might start again, probably still on normal, so I can prioritise some other stuff earlier on. I think where I am now might be problematic later. Hmm.

15-10-2012, 16:13:25
the little wiki they did on IGN is quite interesting... some food for thoughts on the specialisation choices at least

15-10-2012, 16:14:30
oh, yeah, and check that as well
certainly something we'll talk about again


16-10-2012, 07:55:58
all right then
normal is a lot easier indeed, esp when you have suffered on classic first... played the first 7 missions yesterday night, only one dead... that's not XCOM dammit...

I'm worried about replayability; once you have gotten through the campaign, the strategic side might lose a lot of its appeal (I get the feeling you don't need to vary your approach, aka you can almost script your buying choices from the get go). Thankfully, the tactical fights are always full of tension... at least Iron man forces you to be focused...

16-10-2012, 08:13:21
I restarted on Normal, now I know what I'm doing it's much too easy. :lol:

16-10-2012, 08:55:55
Is there multiplayer?

Briefly played the demo last night and I like it but my playtime is so few I'll prolly buy it much later.

Yeah, I remember the original X-Com to be brutal and unforgiving.

16-10-2012, 09:02:10
There is, I don't know what it consists of..

16-10-2012, 09:03:47
Ah, Eurogamer to the rescue.


16-10-2012, 09:06:50

Sounds good...

16-10-2012, 09:29:34
our collective professional politeness began to wear off as we ruthlessly slaughtered each other


Cool! :beer:

16-10-2012, 10:30:33
I love the idea that you can mix all aliens and humans in the same squad.

1. Sides always balanced if you have the same stuff to choose from.
2. It's cool.

16-10-2012, 11:26:57
Broke down and bought it on Steam last night. Couldn't fucking play it because it took 3 hours to download, but I bought it. Funko has rarely let me down on a game recommendation.

16-10-2012, 12:09:14
Me too. I've lost four soldiers already on normal (without savescumming).

Three hours? Haw-haw!

16-10-2012, 12:14:01
Download speeds were not good last night. Must have been that 4 hour HD movie of your mom getting gang banged I had downloading at the same time.

16-10-2012, 12:39:13
HD has been a real boon for mastectomy scar fetishists. :lol:

16-10-2012, 13:05:36
It's fantastic!

16-10-2012, 15:56:05
multiplayer looks cool, might be tempted to give it a try, once I'm done with the campaign

but now I'm second guessing myself, about restarting yet again... classic with some missions restarts? classic on iron man? that would be more manly but I'm scared! yet normal/ironman is too easy... RHAAAAAA damm you Xcom, damm you to Hell!

16-10-2012, 15:56:59
Yeah, I think normal is too easy now I've restarted. Damn...

16-10-2012, 16:05:01
multiplayer looks cool, might be tempted to give it a try, once I'm done with the campaign

but now I'm second guessing myself, about restarting yet again... classic with some missions restarts? classic on iron man? that would be more manly but I'm scared! yet normal/ironman is too easy... RHAAAAAA damm you Xcom, damm you to Hell!

Weren't you upset about replayability? Sounds like you could say....replay it.

17-10-2012, 07:58:51
yeah that's bugging me; I've already done 3 times the first 2 months of the campaign... I'm eager to push forward (don't feel like restarting a 4th time just yet) but at the same time I don't want to spoil the rest of the story with too low a difficulty... stuck in the middle then...

that being said, meeting the muttons again for the first time yesterday night also meant 2 veteran soldiers dead (these hulking bastards almost never miss a shot, even at normal, but they have less hit points, 6 instaed of 8 i think)... at Classic/ironman, my full squad of vets would have been wiped out, and it would be pretty much game over...

the tactical combat is really enjoyable

17-10-2012, 11:45:53
I tried to stun a chrysalid yesterday. Doesn't work, but I think they missed an opportunity. They should have let me waste my turn trying and then let me deal with an angry chrysalid at knife range.

17-10-2012, 12:30:20
If you click on the stunner it puts circles around the aliens you can stun - so you could find this out before you move?

Also - good to know, that could have been messy.

17-10-2012, 16:32:23
I didn't realize what the blue circles were for. I guessed it was an AOE "arcing" effect of the stunner.

I was kind of expecting messy as an old-school style lesson about chrysalids.

17-10-2012, 17:45:04


18-10-2012, 08:26:27
stunning is fun... especially the cold sweat you get when you miss (ie one of my squaddie facing a mutton yesterday). I supose I will be able to use their plasma rifle once I have researched it (all I got so far were alien grenades)

didn't understand the skeleton armor either, I produced some but I only get the carapce one when I outfit my squaddies...

18-10-2012, 10:49:40
Ran into my first pair of those last night, and only half my squad had laser weapons. I won, but I had two soldiers out for two weeks apiece. They can take a beating.

18-10-2012, 11:36:30
Ha! Panic is funny. Took a rookie on her first mission, a Miss Emily Thompson from England. She took cover behind a car, spotted an alien who promptly took initiative and fired at her. She was minorly wounded. The car was majorly wounded. She went into full panic mode, fired wildly on her next turn, hunkered down, and couldn't be moved. Car promptly explodes next time around sending her flying higher in the sky than an English penalty kick....KIA.

18-10-2012, 12:17:19
he he
once a heavy panicked and turned his gun on his team mate... cut him down to pieces... then started breathing heavily and kind of sobbing... good times...

18-10-2012, 14:20:19
Panic shots always hit when they are against your own men and always miss when against an Alien, why is that?

18-10-2012, 14:33:25
The meme response to that is...

That's XCOM baby!

which reminds me of "Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown!"

18-10-2012, 15:28:27
Panic shots always hit when they are against your own men and always miss when against an Alien, why is that?

actually on my first campaign I killed an alien like that... on classic!
I was shocked

18-10-2012, 16:30:04
Pics or it didn't happen.

18-10-2012, 19:02:22
I've read about panic chaining as one soldier shoots another, then a third freaks and shoots a fourth, basically ending any chance of completing the mission in a single turn.

Sounds bad, but in a way I'd love to see it happen.

19-10-2012, 08:59:46
Pics or it didn't happen.

he he
not much panic on normal because my suqaddies are not dying much, but I remember panicking constantly on classic

yesterday night on normal, facing 10 crysalids on a terror mission (they swarmed like in starship troopers); on a great map, with a rooftop restaurant... they were mostly attacking the civilians, transforming them in zombies... the moment I grapling hooked up my best player on the roof just to face 4 crysalids with 4 zombies was priceless...

there is no way I would have won/survived this encounter on classic...

22-10-2012, 13:21:05
the end game gets challenging again, especially when you try to take green squaddies in the later missions... I'm getting mind controlled people, panick reactions, the whole shebang... fun... getting near the end of the campaign, will start immediately afterwards with classic

22-10-2012, 13:38:44
First mission in the alien base with mind control blew my damn mind. Sectoid Commander mind controls my ace sniper that has just been promoted to colonel with 100% aim on her fancy laser sniper rifle. Naturally this happens half-way through the turn after I've set most of my squad to overwatch, so I've got 3 people ready to start blasting away at my newly minted Colonel with a variety of laser weapons.

Queue me throwing my remaining squad member over the railing to drop 3 levels and try to get into firing range of the Sectoid. Get a shot off, but he doesn't die. Next turn 3 squad members open up on my traitorous sniper from Overwatch. First one somehow misses from point blank range. Next 2 hit, but she doesn't die, she has 1 HP left and is just gravely wounded. Luckily she doesn't return fire and blow someone's head off, so the next turn around I'm desperately trying to position my squad to A) Not kill the sniper and B) Not get their faces blown off.

Finally my kamikaze assault on the sectoid commander pays off and the mission ends. Except I'm out my best killer for the next 19 days.

22-10-2012, 14:37:07

I guess my advice will come too late but I don't put my soldiers in overwatch directly; I do the first round/action for each soldier (generally mouvement), and then only I do the second action for each (which is normally never a mouvement forward in a new zone=> it will be an order to fire, or overwatch, or a retreat, or a reload etc.). In your example, it would have allowed you to pull all your soldiers back to avoid giving targets to the mind controlled sniper, or lob a smoke grenade, etc...

Snipers have a great skills for mind controlled situations, one that disarm the enemy and force a reload (meaning they won't fire next turn) and it does minimal damage to the target (only 1). It's great also of course for capturing aliens. I have never tried to stun one of my own mind controlled soldier, it might work.

Other tip; sometimes the mind control stops by itself (if the aliens move outside a certain radius I suppose), then your soldier will come back to his sense on his own.

Fail that, a kamikaze assault soldier with run and gun can kill the sectoid... but that's normally when you run into the armoured muttons standing by...

22-10-2012, 15:06:31
Yeah, I should probably make that control change. It's happened a couple of times where I've shot myself in the foot by having people on overwatch who could have otherwise fired on newly uncovered aliens. There's really no need to do that except in my very logical and ordered mind where 1 person moves. And then the next person. And then the next person.

22-10-2012, 15:38:01
I think mind control lasts 4 rounds. It does when I use it, anyway.

Sectopods can nearly wreck me if I can't get a sniper in sight of it. Heavies on overwatch don't seem to be accurate enough to take them out at the ranges they typically engage. They also have a habit of destroying all my cover.

Last mission was on an EMP-downed Battleship. I think the shortest recovery for any of the squad was 7 days (and I have the barracks fully upgraded). We lost the SHIV in the last room, but better the robot than one of my veterans. Not bad for my first battleship, I guess. I have new blaster launchers to play with tonight, and I may finish my first game.

22-10-2012, 16:27:29
how are the shivs? I never produced any. Do they level up? apart of sparing you the heartbreak of loosing a "real" soldier, are they ressources well spent?

another question; are we timed on the last mission (I have the large purple alien ship on my radars, I'm wondering if I need to go quickly there or if I can take time to psy develop all my 6 veterans + grind a few more ressources to give them all top armours before getting in)

22-10-2012, 17:06:16
SHIVs don't level up, but are extremely useful in that you don't lose those skills when you lose them. And they are invaluable to scout and reveal the enemy without risking a solider. That's risky, and it sucks to lose the gun, but they can pretty much only overwatch and shoot so it's better than losing the skills of a regular troop.

I started using some last night and it makes a huge difference. I rarely get troops seriously injured until/if/after I lose the SHIV. It's especially great at clearing corners in the tight confines of an alien ship.

22-10-2012, 17:06:32
I forgot about building that special room in my base after the ship showed up for an entire month and didn't see anything bad happen.

The SHIV is moderately durable (I used the alloy SHIV, because it doubled as moving half-cover). I only used it in two missions, once with upgraded lasers, and the other fully upgraded to plasma. It's very mobile, and accurate. Seems to have line-of-sight issues when behind cover, but I guess that makes up for being cover itself. I think it probably shines more mid-game. Late game, if you put a soldier behind it, they're both going to eat a grenade or cluster bomb. They do have a suppression fire option that can be researched, which worked well in the first mission I used it in. They don't level up from combat at all, just research.

I rushed it into the bridge room in a battleship mission testing to see if it could bait the ethereal into wasting a psi attack on it, and it ended up taking heavy damage from an elite muton. It also pulled some floaters into combat. The ethereal then pulled out a plasma weapon and wasted it. So, ethereals, one; SHIVs, zero.

I only tried it on a couple of missions because I had lots of guys laid up healing or in Psi-school. I've got a Hover SHIV parked in the barracks, but I've never deployed it.

Edit: I tend to use battle scanners to scout, they're risk-free, but you only get two per promoted sniper. The SHIV can shoot back, and you can even use an improved arc-stunner to heal them.

22-10-2012, 17:16:45
Hover SHIV is good. Just got one before I went to bed last night. Much better health than the regular SHIV. Takes at least 3 good hits to kill it. More likely 4. With Plasma it can be lethal. Killed 6 with 1 in a mission last night. 3 Mutons, 1 Berserker, and 2 drones.

22-10-2012, 17:18:55
Plus they're immune to psi attacks so they make great front line skirmishes so that my snipers can go to work.

My typical Mission load is 1 SHIV, 1 Heavy, 2 Snipers, and 2 Support thanks to Colonel sniper surviving I roll with 6 in the squad.

Anyone know if you lose your Barrack upgrades if the only person you have of that rank is killed?

22-10-2012, 17:27:01
That would suck. Less suck if you just needed to get someone promoted instead of rebuying them.

I generally go 1 sniper, 2 heavies (rockets!), 2 support (one smoke/suppression, one medic), and an assault. One of my support was a combat medic and when he and a couple of my A team got stuck in the infirmary I brought the SHIV along as "one less guy to heal with a medkit".

On normal, and I've only lost 8 soldiers so far, only two of those were important. Keeping a moderately competent B team has helped.

22-10-2012, 17:31:12
I've lost 5 guys and probably that many SHIVs. SHIVs don't get stars. We here at X-COM are bigots.

23-10-2012, 01:06:17
I thought Venom would finish the game on ironman without losing a single man :(

23-10-2012, 11:41:40
on normal irnoman, I've lost about the same, 2 high level soldiers, and 3 or 4 rookies/lower grades... mostly because I got careless...

leveling up rookies late game is fun... I love nurturing young talent... I have a new heavy called Fatima, from Egypt... she's really cute with a heavy plasma...

23-10-2012, 11:51:35
I thought Venom would finish the game on ironman without losing a single man :(

Ha! I was terrible at the original X-COM. Never beat it. Mostly because I played when I was really, really drunk, but also because I never quite got the hang of R&D and base improvement. I would lose 1 or 2 soldiers every mission and would always lose my fighters shooting down UFOs.

By the time I was nearing the end game my guys were getting wrecked every mission and I'd get frustrated, pass out, and then next weekend I'd start a new game after loading my latest save and seeing the terrible state I'd left everything.

23-10-2012, 12:04:19
If I'd been playing this game ironman I would have lost the game in the last room of the ship.:lol: I lost half my squad on the way there. One sniper, one assault, and a low ranked support class volunteer enter the room, spread out in cover, and the two vets are promptly mind-controlled (the sniper was even wearing his tinfoil hat), killing the volunteer support guy. Game over.

Reload game, double tap, win.

23-10-2012, 12:26:52
Why don't they wear helmets? I'd wear a helmet.

23-10-2012, 13:14:03
I demand a helmet toggle in the options menu! This game is so unrealistic without helmets. :p

23-10-2012, 13:15:23
See, you needed a SHIV to lead the way there. SHIVs are like CG users, completely mindless.

23-10-2012, 14:43:55
If I'd been playing this game ironman I would have lost the game in the last room of the ship.:lol: I lost half my squad on the way there. One sniper, one assault, and a low ranked support class volunteer enter the room, spread out in cover, and the two vets are promptly mind-controlled (the sniper was even wearing his tinfoil hat), killing the volunteer support guy. Game over.

Reload game, double tap, win.

but you said you had a B team?
take the losses like a man damn it :tizzy:

23-10-2012, 16:33:35
I thought it was game over if I lost the volunteer. I guess I couldn't know that for sure because when he died the game crashed.

Can you capture another device and develop another psi volunteer?

23-10-2012, 17:22:17
Caved in and bought it in the end.. should I start at normal or classic then?

23-10-2012, 17:27:16
I'm still playing on Normal and it's a bit easy at the moment.

23-10-2012, 17:32:38
Enemies are a lot dumber on normal. Well, not really dumb per se. Just not as aggressive. They don't take advantage of a lot of offensive moves they could make.

24-10-2012, 00:11:26
Ok, I started classic and I'm pretty sure I'll get murdered..

If I heal up completely an injured squad member with a medikit during the mission will he still miss time to recover from injuries?

24-10-2012, 07:26:22
Yes, I think so.

24-10-2012, 09:06:24
I'm getting better at using the ghost armour... really handy, not only for recon, but also for assaulting the tough last chamber of ships... I'm working some nifty combinations... not too early either, I'm now in the final ship with the volunteer (the psi storm is great btw)

Fist; Starting on Normal allows you to understand the game (mainly which ressources to prioritize and how to perfect your tactical style), starting on classic is a bit brutal when you don't know the tricks.. so maybe a couple of missions on normal, then start again... I did the reverse, which was dumb because then i didn't want to abandon my Normal/ironman campaign, even though it's a bit easy and spoils the tension... looking forward to restart in classic (not so sure about ironman though, will think about ground rules for restarting... maybe allow myself three reboots/out of jail cards for the whole campaign?)

we're starting to have a few veterans, why not start some CG multi-player action...

24-10-2012, 09:40:33
Well I don't mind restarting from day one if my boys get annihilated, I want to remember xcom as was the first, unforgiving and hard.

After all a lot of fun was the thrill and terror of discovering a new alien who completely destroys your team :lol:

I really expect to lose, and badly, but that's ok, don't want to spoil the story on apparently easy settings. We'll see. Played the first month or so yesterday and so far casualties don't seem to high...

24-10-2012, 09:46:36
casualties happen when the aliens step up a gear, and you don't...

24-10-2012, 10:47:36
Also when you use up all your ordnance killing your first two mutons, because you forgot to arm anyone with the brand new laser rifles you made. :bash:

Getting better with grenades and rockets. Free aim with rockets is particularly touchy.

24-10-2012, 21:44:54
Ok, I think I reached the point of no return. Some chrysalis (sp?) wiped out my entire squad and 10+ civilians in Sidney. Half asia withdrew support and panic is pretty much widespread.

Not giving up until it forces me to do but I think I'll have to restart soon. Still classic Ironman cause me likes.

Note to self: spend less money/research on base infrastructure/theoretical science/aircrafts and try and provide some actual better armor and weapons to your team, moron.

25-10-2012, 11:00:26
I just killed my first berserker on classic. Four countries out, one remaining needs a satellite. Two soldiers promoted beyond squaddie. Plasma rifles in the research pipeline, but no materials to make any. Skeleton armor may have been just enough to let me turn the corner.

I've failed two terror missions, an abduction, and a base assault. I lost the entire squad on the first terror mission. The second dropped two cyberdiscs and a couple of floaters in/around the building closest to the landing zone costing me 4 of 6 men, the rest bugged out. Horrifying. Just like XCOM should be.

25-10-2012, 20:11:31
Yeah... classic is a lot harder.

Might start again. :)

26-10-2012, 09:35:24
just finished normal (8 dead), and restarted classic... first mission, already 2 dead... I guess I shouldn't grow to attached to my squaddies...

26-10-2012, 10:50:10
Yeah, I've basically decided not to continue on Normal, was too easy so as not to spoil the story.

On classic I also lost 2 on my first mission (my cockup), 0 on the second (one critically wounded but I finished before they died), 1 on the third (my Heavy, who was the only one with 2 upgrades, in heavy cover, covered by smoke killed by a critical hit from a sectoid), whole squad on the fourth.

That energy guy in the UFO who has always been an easy kill was suddenly a squad slaughtering assasin who never misses, is impossible to hit at any range and always gets a critical.

I really missed having a shotgun and run and gun to deal with him.

26-10-2012, 10:54:03
Do you get a panic penalty for choosing not to intercept UFOs?

26-10-2012, 11:52:45
I have heard they shoot down satellites, but I've never experienced it. Not sure about panic.

Skipping terror missions will lose the country it occurred in completely, trying and failing a terror mission increases panic throughout the continent (but doing well can decrease it).

26-10-2012, 13:21:23
Ah ok, it's just I have some shitty interceptors and scrambling them against large UFOs seems a waste. I did get a panic increase but I was just wondering if there is a difference between trying to stop them and failing or not bothering about them at all :p

29-10-2012, 08:45:22
2nd Classic game going better - due to liberal use of the save function.

29-10-2012, 09:11:01
I have heard they shoot down satellites...

They definitely do, I lost three of them already :D

29-10-2012, 09:39:35
classic going well, because I restart the missions where I get slaughtered... I still lose a lot of soliders though

my five and a half year old boy loves to look at my game... but I forgot that terror missions are pretty gruesome... so he saw a crysalid eviscerate a soldier, and started crying in uncontrollable fear before I could cover his eyes... the same night, obviously, he had problems sleeping, still scared stiff by it... the only way I managed to calm him down what to say "shhhh, you can't tell mom, because if you do she'll prevent you from ever looking at a violent videogame... so you have to control your fear"... which kinda worked, because he loves videogames more than he fears chrysalids...

but boy do I feel shitty about that...

29-10-2012, 16:17:45
father of the year! :lol:

In my classic game, I'm going exclusively with the skeleton armor for extra movement. Seems more useful than an extra health point that may or may not get used. You can always use the extra movement. When I get to Titan/Archangel, that will probably change (but then, there's ghost armor, which is also incredibly useful)

29-10-2012, 17:10:00
found that on the web, very good

1. Rule of thumb #1. Be very, very careful with dashing. I won't say never dash, because sometimes dashing is appropriate. Most properly, don't dash like an idiot. Don't dash into "fog of war". Don't dash ahead with the last guy on your turn. If you CAN move slowly from solid cover to solid cover without dashing, that's what you should be doing. No one ever died from moving too slowly and carefully.

2. Rule of thumb #2. Don't overwatch spam. Specifically, don't a move a guy into cover and then immediately spam overwatch. Once your turn is done and no aliens have been uncovered, then go around and overwatch everyone. Nothing is worse than having 80% of the team overwatched when a run and gun or smoke grenade could've made a difference. The only exception to this rule is squad sight snipers with opportunist.

3. Rule of thumb #3. Half cover is no cover at all. Full cover is a 40% accuracy reduction. If an alien has an 85% chance to hit you, he now has a 45% chance to hit you. Half cover is 20% reduction. That alien now has a 65% chance to hit you. Are you comfortable with that? Neither am I.

4. Rule of thumb #4. Fall back, don't charge forward. If you've engaged enemies and your best options are A) a risky charge forward or B) a careful retreat, choose B 100% of the time. Careful retreats do not uncover the fog of war and trigger 3 new monster closets. Pull enemies BACK into your trap, don't bull rush into theirs.

5. Don't stand around taking low % shots unless there's literally nothing else sensible you can be doing. If aliens are not on overwatch, you can move to a better position. If you're playing on Classic, the alien has a better shot % than you do, and you will eventually lose the war of attrition on those long range battles. Be smarter. Flanking alone gives you huge to hit bonuses, if you can do it intelligently (note...charging into the fog of war or into a no/low cover area just to get a flank is not intelligent).

6. Use grenades and rockets for more than just killing aliens. Blowing out their cover can expose them to fire from the rest of the team. If you don't have a clear shot, sometimes you can turn it into a clear shot. Grenades are also excellent softening tools to get aliens under 3 health for capture without risking a lucky critical on a pistol.

7. Pistols are your friend, especially once upgraded. They don't burn ammo and they're incredibly accurate at short and long range.

8. Open doors, don't boot through them. Opening doors doesn't make noise and expose your position.

9. Overwatch, on everyone but opportunist snipers, is horribly inaccurate. It has its uses, but do not over-rely on it. You're better off taking high % shots on your turn than waiting to take low % shots on theirs. That all overwatching soldiers will fire at the same target if it enters all of their LOS first is another reason to avoid this.

10. Monster closeting (enemy reaction/scatter upon discovery) seems annoying, but it's a huge tactical edge for you. The enemy will NEVER attack during a reveal, they will only take cover. This means you always have the ability to alpha strike them BEFORE they can return fire. Take advantage of this. Burn down new aliens as fast as possible. A dead alien does no damage.

11. Snipers. You should always be taking squad sight, and always be taking opportunist. Everything else is optional depending on your preference. A squad sight sniper is your most dangerous weapon and will likely lead your team in kills. Find them a spot with good sight lines, flush enemies with a spotter, and pick them off. Use a scope, and either Skeleton or Archangel armor once available. Snipers are the only class where low will isn't usually a problem.

12. Heavies. I recommend taking Holo-Targeting, HEAT Ammo, Suppression, Mayhem, and Danger Zone. Heavies can take a while to develop, but the above described Heavy makes an excellent team support unit. Suppression cannot miss, and upgraded with Mayhem and HEAT ammo a single burst of suppression will badly damage a Cyberdisk along with killing all its drones. This makes the Heavy extremely effective at shutting down Disks and Sectopods...two of the most dangerous enemies you'll face. The alternative heavy makes use of shredder rocket, grenadier and rockeeter in order to become a breach/cover removal specialist. I do NOT recommend taking bullet swarm or using your heavy as a fire-focused character, as even with a scope equipped their accuracy is poor enough to give you fits.

13. Assault. You can take your Assault one of two ways...either as a high defense scout, or a high offense flanker. I prefer the former, but the latter can work well in lieu of a 2nd sniper if you're struggling with offense. Once they get resilience your Assault is probably the most durable character you have, and with Titan armor and Chrysalid chitin plating you shouldn't be afraid to take some risks with run and gun. Assault should have high will, especially if used as recon. All Assault should take "Lightning Reflexes", as they're the only unit you have that can safely burn an enemy overwatch.

14. Support. A good recon alternative to Assault, especially if it's early game and you're being cautious. Sprinter makes your Support the most mobile unit on the field, so they can cover a lot of ground easily, and retreat just as easily if they don't like what they see. ALWAYS take Field Medic and Savior with your Support. If you use them for recon, they should have high will. You shouldn't need more than one support once you have a sergeant or higher.

15. Thin Men. These guys are likely to be the biggest stumbling block you face in the game, due to when they appear. Don't bother suppressing them, as they'll just spit on you. The first council mission where it's 100% Thin Men is usually the failure point for many aborted Iron Man games on Classic and above. Squad sight snipers are effective here, and make sure you stay in the heaviest cover possible, as they're extremely accurate.

16. Mutons. Suppression can be risky with Mutons as they are not shy about using grenades.

17. Chrysalids. If you haven't researched Carapace Armor or Lasers by the time these guys show up, they can be a little intimidating, but they're manageable. They're a relatively low HP unit, and they have no ranged attack. Bait them out and gang up on them with snipers and grenades, and you'll be alright. The major issue with Chrysalids is that they make getting Excellent on terror missions near impossible unless you take care of them very early on.

18. Sectoid Commanders/Ethereals. This is where a SHIV can come in handy, as it cannot be mind controlled. It makes a good spotter for your snipers. Alternatively, if you don't want to use a SHIV, you can use a high will soldier as a scout, or a soldier with ghost armor. If you have no LOS for snipers you can MAKE one with a rocket, and if all else fails you can bunch up and blitz the room with everyone at once and try to alpha strike them down. Do be aware that anything <90 will is pretty much an automatic mind control success for the aliens, and even that is dodgy.

19. Sectopods. This is the last real threat you'll face in the game, by this time most everything else will be relatively easy for you. Heavies with HEAT ammo work here, as do Snipers with Plasma weaponry. Sectopods suppress very well, and you can park a unit next to them to kill them with their own AoE. Just keep an eye on them for the red pulsing to end their turn, that means next turn they are going to AoE bombard, which does not require LOS and can do fairly significant damage.

20. Will. I recommend thinking hard about retiring low will soldiers by the time you've passed the Alien Base, if you can stand to lose them from your rotation. This is a good reason to work the occasional rookie/squaddie into the mix when doing missions, to have backups available. Not only is panic a risk, but having your guys endlessly mind controlled is no fun. This is a reason why early acquisition of the Iron Will trait is highly desirable.

21. Remember that elevation counts. You can get some serious accuracy bonuses from elevation, especially snipers with "Damn Good Ground".

22. Reload constantly during lulls/down time. Running into enemies and discovering everyone has 1-2 shots left in the chamber can be disastrous.

23. The frag grenade is the rookie's friend. Use it to get them one easy kill, which gets them their squaddie promotion. You can use it for squaddies as well, as sergeant is really where classes start to open up.

Realistically, post Alien Base you just shouldn't be losing battles any more. Once you have Titan Armor and Plasma Weapons the tactical layer becomes significantly easier, and once you have access to Ghost Armor it becomes even easier. It takes a disastrous miscue, or a Sectopod in a really disadvantageous position, to take down a squad of Colonels and Majors in full gear. The game is actually most challenging early on, when your gear is rubbish and Thin Men are tearing you a new asshole every time out. I've had Iron Man games where I didn't take a single casualty past the 2nd month. And that's good, too, because losing your "A Team" and being forced to head out with rookies at a late stage in the game would be virtually game ending.

01-11-2012, 14:30:12
Just found this comment about Dr. Vahlen, the chief scientist:

"My favorite scene is where Shen explains to her what an antenna is, and that still didn't knock her off her high horse. "

I won my first classic game, 17 casualties, including a colonel sniper and assault in the next to last mission. That forced me to finish with a squad sight only sniper with none of the other promotion goodness (and they're still awesome, just less accurate). The last mission turned out to be easy, I had a high movement support guy as the volunteer, and he could pretty much always get into a position to drop the psi storm in a good spot. Lost a colonel heavy in the last room to an instant kill. I liked that you could still lose good men in Classic, even with Plasma weapons and Titan armor. Never got my hover plasma SHIV deployed. :(

07-11-2012, 20:42:19
Won it on Normal - took ages only because of the kids.

Waaay to easy. Once I got plasma I only lost 1 soldier in the rest of the game.

Once I got 3 Psi troopers with mind control it became a walk over - the last mission didn't even break a sweat. Why did they give me the "instant win" rift skill? Meant nothing could come close to stopping me...

Need to replay on maximum difficulty now.

08-11-2012, 00:46:45
Forum people are recommending Classic for a few months, then switching to impossible on the fly, for a more balanced challenge.

Early impossible is just as difficult as you'd expect from "impossible". If you don't make any mistakes, you might still lose.

I agree about Rift, once I realized I could use it on mechanicals in the last mission, it became a formality.

08-11-2012, 09:49:13
I'm kind on lagging behind in my classic game; I'm on base assault stage, and I still have the starting normal weapons only, with only the first armour... my research goes forever, I invested a lot in enginnering and neglected scientists...

I don't die so often (I have a lot of good medics and play carefully) but I do shit damage... I wonder for how long I can postpone the base assault

09-11-2012, 19:06:54
started classic mode. Loosing a trooper every other mission. Feels more like X-com now.

13-11-2012, 13:55:53
i kinda stopped playing it
which so far (and bar a rekindling of my passion) would support my fear about the replayability

13-11-2012, 13:57:01
maybe i should restart classic ironman... that would be manly... my campaign would certainly look different if I hadn't save scummed

13-11-2012, 14:20:45
I stopped playing too. Started playing Skyrim.

14-11-2012, 08:34:24
I have stopped playing due to a complete lack of time to play

14-11-2012, 18:58:23
I'm still going on classic. Enjoying the challenge (and enjoying mocking a colleague who cant beat Normal - still he is an xboxer)