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24-05-2002, 08:44:27
Just finished up reading this book last night. I'm not sure how to review this, but it was a very interesting book. Again as seems to be standard for Banks novels, there is a huge shock at the end of the book, and the way he draws together 3 seemingly totally unrelated threads is very satisfying.
Getting inside the minds of the 2 London bound characters was very well done, especially the love story angle with Sara. There are several characters here to throw you off the scent. The mental guy was brilliant, the Microwave gun and the obsessive hard hat wearing particularly good. The third thread of the book was particularly surreal, but very clever and well realised. Some interesting ideas such as the number cruncher made me laugh on the train! The resolution was, well, odd, but good!

All in all, yet another good Banks novel: not as gross-out shocking as Wasp Factory, not as well developed an "alternative reality" as in The Bridge, but an interesting and involving read.

24-05-2002, 08:50:50
Originally posted by FunkyFingers
... finished up reading ... <snip>Honestly, the youth of today! :rolleyes:

Glad you enjoyed it, but then - it is an Iain Banks novel.