View Full Version : Have you noticed what's been happening with the soap?

17-01-2012, 23:14:33
Bars of soap and sticks of deodorant don't last like they used to, probably due to the addition of cheap ingredients that cause them to soften and disintegrate quickly. They've also "reshaped" the soap bar I use into an arch, removing a piece of soap from one side and making the bar weigh less while taking up the same space in the packaging.

Just wondered if anyone else has noticed. I'm a 13 years old prodigy. I live in a garage apartment at my parents' and work for an accounting firm in Reading.

17-01-2012, 23:44:45
Simple. Don't use soap. Sorted!:)

18-01-2012, 01:27:37
Fuck soap. Use body wash.

18-01-2012, 08:31:55
It's because you are dirtier than you used to be.

18-01-2012, 13:43:23
I get dirtier as I get older, or at least more willing to let the dirt show.

18-01-2012, 17:18:18

stop dropping the soap!

18-01-2012, 17:22:56
Two nuns in the bath.

Where's the soap?

Yes, and a lot faster than it used to. They don't make soap liek tehy used to.

19-01-2012, 21:05:42
i cant use anything but soap.
i havent noticed the fine differences but one thing that bugs me is that after some time the soap sort of dries and "breaks up" thus losing its pristine clean property.
if they could make a chemical that could maybe help avoid the break up of soap that would be nice.

on other news i didnt know stephen king had an alcohol problem.

Cheshire Cat
20-01-2012, 13:34:37
i cant use anything but soap
on other news i didnt know stephen king had an alcohol problem.

when he realised alcohol it's no good for cleaning up blood from crime scenes


lacking proper products, soap is indeed better than alcohol