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05-01-2012, 17:09:16
Did you know that nikki sixx from motley crew (those little wankers) once bragged about f-cking bruce dickinson's wife?

what a loser!!!

also in ozzfest 2005 sharon ozbourne (that reality tv richness plastic snake) arranged with some "hispanics" (her words) to throw eggs during an iron maiden gig there?

maiden remain god though.

corporate america is a little bit screwed up - too bad they mix metal and showbizz

i have a craving for iron maiden and didnt go to their last show :(


05-01-2012, 17:21:47
IIRC Bruce Dickinson responded to that by grabbing the Union Jack and shouting "These colours don't run"

05-01-2012, 17:22:07
Ah not quite:

"This is a fucking British flag, and these colours don't fucking run!"


05-01-2012, 20:15:48



Anyone who thinks a band can attain this level of magnitude unwavering for decades without having BALLS and demonstrating it in every difficult situation is sadly deluded :D

06-01-2012, 08:36:48
I'm sure Axl would have walked off, except he wouldn't have arrived yet.

06-01-2012, 16:44:33
I think that there's a special bond between some truely epic bands and their fans.
These bands respect that connection above all else and it shows very clearly.
Axl imo became too diva to be able to stick around. I think he pulled a similar thing when guns and roses were to play in greece. The start of the show I think was hugely delayed and most people were very much annoyed by it.
The funny thing is that guns and roses reputation seems to have preceded them so very few people bought a ticket to the show in the first place.

Besides maiden, another band that had this connection to the fans was the ramones. I remember reading that when a younger bassist player was brought to the band, they spend some time instructing him exactly how to stand in the stage, his back never turned on the audience etc etc
when i saw them live he was doing that to the letter!

i've spend some time on the net just browsing info on maiden and thats how i stumbled upon the ozzfest incident.

then i read some more about ozzy and i got a little sad seeing him turning to a human circus.
of course some people might not see it like that and his past glories are not forgotten but to see him turn into this carricature of himself with that silly problematic person and turning their lives on a reality show (not just on tv but the whole presentation of them).

dickinson and harris... people like that have a very firm grip of themselves and the band. they have handled themselves way better than ozzy.

i'm sad to see him become a little puppie.. and that way of presenting themselves on reality tv and their life style is indeed offputting, even disgusting as dickinson said.

but when tricks like this are done to bands (like organizing to thro eggs etc) it really breaks some code of ethic that should exist between bands.
anyway even though it isn't ozzy who did it, and after reading stuff about the osbournes, it's sort of tragic really. unless the only goal is for someone to be kept alive.

Lazarus and the Gimp
07-01-2012, 08:58:10
So Iron Maiden are insistent on putting on a regimented act, whereas Ozzy's just being the same court jester he's been since 1970, and this makes Maiden great?

10-01-2012, 16:48:39
IMO, things have changed and the thing is how "weathered" epic bands hold up throughout the years.
Ozzy has become something of a carricature of himself dragged around by his peculiar wife, who pulls stunts like that.
Maiden take no shit and persevere.
Both are wise not to directly attack eachother since they have huge audiences but at the end of the day Maiden project a self assertiveness and healthiness that is approaching the role model type.

Music is what makes a band great and the feelings it evokes. But also a stance on life plays its part for the audiences I think.

If you want innovation there are other bands there but we're talking about basic rock solid acts that take you back to adolescence and how these have aged.