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22-12-2011, 19:10:49
I have'nt been drinking for so much time, it's untrue.
BUT seems that always I should be on my guard because I got severly carried away couple of days ago and emptied a bottle of vodka. I was ill for two days and I'm only now starting to recuperate physically.
I basically just stayed after work, and since it's christmasss time there was some liquor in the office.
I have never done this and I'm ashamed but I think I've managed to not have it impact anything. (besides my left side which aches, hope is not liver damage or anything. probably not, just bruised).
THe thing I'm so tense about is that there seems to be no end to grandma's ordeal at the hospital which never frikking ends.
There could have been doctor's negligence? maybe not? the point is for her not to suffer and get out.
And that's put enormous strain on her two daughters which take shifts at the hospital hitting 12 hours each for more than 15 days now.

I also visit everyday but with christmas coming up I get this deep depression, I know it affects me every time there's festivity like this.
Anyway, feeling rather ill, and there seems to have been some noticing at the office but nothing I cant cover up which I did. Mainly for character issues, it was after hours.
OK and another thing that bothers me is the insistance of the SO (or not so) to move in at suburbia which I dont like cause her whole family is there.
otoh i understand that downtown is hard. anyway i dont think location is the problem there are problems that are hitting there,

22-12-2011, 20:11:55
another thing is that there's this other girl at the office and we got to talking (really cute and likes me a lot but - no fooling around) and she kind of told me a story that impacted me. her mother fell down and was taken to the hospital (she's half english, it was a london hospital) and the docks took x rays saw nothing was broken and let her go.
but her mother kept having pains in the abdomen and after 6 days, she died.

the criminal docs, basically because of cut backs, did not pay the due attention and did not order a magnetic scan (I think it's called?) 'cause it was expensive. and so that's how she lost her. internal bleeding which went unnoticed and by the time she got to the surgical table it was way too late.

i know she was trying to share some of her own pain but that just flipped something inside me, i was rather vulnerable anyway that time and after i hit the bottle.

Need some fresh air

22-12-2011, 21:55:53

23-12-2011, 19:49:51

well grandma took a "leave of absence" (it is actually called exactly like that) from the hospital for three days because of the festivities. the thing to look for is a small bag where liquid from the operations is evacuated and all the heavy antibiotics.
i am near digusted with hospital reality
also i think the relationship is FUBAR but i can't think about that now. can't see a reason to continue it now.

just looking to "shut down" during christmas so it passes without harm as i've always done.

merry christmas is a dissapearing paiktis!

29-12-2011, 19:14:14
update but not very happy.
grandma did come to the house and she had christmas with the family and her favorite newphew son of her late sister and practically son to her.
she sat on the top of the table (trembling a bit and extremely weak) with me on one side and my uncle on the other and the rest of the family.
said she was happy to be with her two lads.
we ate and sang and made jokes and it was a good christmas i think to everyone.
unfortunately she did return to the hospital and they did keep her.
there's a conflict of medecin going on. on the one hand need for blood thinning medecine on the other hand need to avoid those.
so it's when science gets bottlenecked like this that it takes a talanted doc to do the trick. bad fortunte has not threw us into a talented doctor.
clots are reforming and blood thinning medecin is administered too late but it is also dangerous to administer. the doc is very mediocre and does not know how to sooth neither patients or relatives. he has a very bad name in the hospital character wise and mediocre surgeon wise. i knew something was off with him
tomorrow god willing and god first she will leave the hospital.
the wound has almost closed, it was negligence that went her to that but also random luck in hospitals and surgery rooms that should be cleaned more often.
the wound is proclaimed closed but i have no trust in that damn doc.
others were contacted
liquid seems to have stopped.
intravenus antibiotics will stop tomorrow if god willing she exits the hospital.
pill antibiotics at home.

also very important is that tommorrow there will be blood test to determione INR and adjust blood thinning heavy medecin.
last night was a night of horrors with immense pain in the leg and my mom almost collapsing from fatigue and worry after a well 1 month in total in the hospital.
i visit everyday trying to lift her spirits, she puts on great effort when i'm there and manages to walk (with sustenance of both me and my mom or aunt)
there is an obvious worsening of mobility and a clear fall of moral acoompanied with pain. thankfully god willing with the blood thinners this will decrease. but these need carefull monitoring or there are serious sideeffects. blood test tomorrow before she leaves the hospital will help adjusting them to the correct level.
let's hope for the best. it is a battle that cannot be won and it only started last august.
i'm sure though that returning to her home will lift her spirits because she's sick of the hospitals and very very tired.

29-12-2011, 19:37:43
Best wishes for Grandma

Greg W
29-12-2011, 21:45:51
Yeah, mate, hope she pulls through.

31-12-2011, 17:04:47
Thank you all for the wishes :)

She's home :) safe. all other treatment will continue with balancing meds.
Tomorrow, even if it is the 1st of 2012, her daughters will take her back to the hospital because it is imperative to measure accurately blood levels for the bloodthinners with big frequency and nobody else but the hospitals are working tomorrow.

All well for now. Nightmare over for now :)

12-01-2012, 03:39:23
What's up? Hairy fooker?

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